[BIP-612] Funding for Live Event Participation

Great proposal @JediRasta26! It will be exciting to see Balancer taking stage on irl events again!

After reviewing with the Marketing team funds available for the above specification, Balancer OpCo has 94,812,74 USDC currently unallocated.

$30,777.65 Q2 ONsite surplus
$64,035.09 Wormhole airdrop

The budget estimate presented is aligned with EthCC official website pricing, and flights/trains should present considerable savings, but it’s a good cap, given the proximity to the event date. Also possible to save on tickets (from $750 to $500) and accommodation (good range of recommended options from $150-$225).

Governance can count on OpCo’s admin/ops to assist the Marketing team and other SPs attending the event!