[BIP-612] Funding for Live Event Participation

Service Provider Name: Beethoven X - Marketing

Leader(s): Jedi Rasta, Naly

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Funding for Live Event Participation as Part of Balancer’s Marketing Strategy

1. Summary

This proposal seeks funding to enhance Balancer’s presence at key live events in the Crypto and DeFi space as part of our marketing strategy for the launch of Balancer v3. Attending these events will help us improve brand visibility, establish thought leadership, showcase technological innovations, foster valuable networking opportunities, and deepen community engagement.

2. Motivation

In-person events are crucial for building and maintaining valuable relationships within the crypto community. They provide unique opportunities to present our latest developments, engage with thought leaders, and gather insights directly from our user base and potential partners. Specifically, the launch of Balancer v3 requires heightened visibility and strategic engagement to amplify its reach and aid adoption. Attending these events will provide Balancer with unparalleled opportunities to promote v3, build strategic partnerships, and engage with our community. This is a cost-effective approach to maximize our marketing efforts and ensure the successful launch of Balancer v3.

3. Goals and Objectives

To maximize our impact at live events, we have narrowed our focus to four key areas:

Brand Visibility and Thought Leadership

  • Objective: Enhance Balancer’s brand presence and position the protocol as a thought leader in DeFi.
  • Actions: Engage in key speaking opportunities, contribute to panel discussions on future trends, and share insights on DeFi’s evolution. (CEO, CTO)

Showcase Technological Innovation

  • Objective: Demonstrate the capabilities, benefits, and new features of Balancer v3.
  • Actions: Host workshops, curate hackathons, participate in panels, and coordinate events with key partners. (Blabs, Maxis)

Networking and Partnerships

  • Objective: Establish and strengthen relationships with developers, potential partners, and other influential players in the crypto industry.
  • Actions: Attend networking events, host side events and social meet-ups to foster relationships with key prospects. (Maxis, Marketing)

Community Engagement

  • Objective: Deepen engagement with the crypto community and gather valuable insights.
  • Actions: Host meet-ups, participate in social events, leverage social media and branded merchandise for engagement and giveaways. (Marketing)

4. Specification

Event Participation Plan

We propose to attend the following key events:

  • ETHCC (July 8 - 11):
    ETHCC presents an opportunity for us to sow the seeds of connection for community and partnership goals. Rather than focusing on speaking at the main event, our goal is to organize social events and invest energy in grassroots networking. This event will also help us identify areas for improvement for future events.
  • Token2049 (September) and Devcon (November):
    For these events, we will focus on establishing thought leadership by participating in key speaking opportunities and organizing a panel event with key partners to heighten awareness around v3 and its technology. Additionally, we will organize social events to complement the main activities. The goal is to align our impact with the launch of v3 and have ample time to prepare speakers and official events.

Key Activities


    • Host a Side Event with Key Guests:
      • We will organize a side event featuring both prominent guests building on Balancer such as Gyro, CowSwap, and Quant, as well as notable partners such as Aave, Lido, Rocket Pool, Karpatkey. This gathering will provide a unique platform to bring together influential figures and key partners within the Balancer ecosystem.
    • Activities:
      • Networking: Facilitate informal networking sessions to help attendees connect with industry leaders and peers. This will provide opportunities for meaningful discussions and potential collaborations.
      • Social Events: Organize social activities that encourage relaxed and personal interactions, allowing participants to build stronger, more personal connections.
      • Merchandise: Enhance our presence and create lasting impressions with branded merchandise that capture the essence of the Balancer brand.
  • Token2049 and Devcon:

    • Key Contributors and Panel Discussions:
      • Arrange for Key Contributors to Speak: We will ensure that influential voices from Balancer, participate in speaking opportunities. Their insights and expertise will highlight Balancer v3’s innovations and impact on the DeFi space.
      • Host Panel Discussions with Key Partners: Collaborate with leading projects like Gyro, CowSwap, and Quant to organize panel discussions around protocols building on Balancer. These panels will focus on the advancements of Balancer v3 and its role in the broader DeFi ecosystem, providing a platform for thought leadership and in-depth discussions.
    • Hackathons:
      • Participate in Hackathons: Potentially engage in hackathons during Token2049 and Devcon to demonstrate Balancer v3’s technical prowess and encourage innovative uses of our platform. Our team will be available to support participants, answer questions, and provide guidance on integrating Balancer’s technology.
      • Host a Balancer-Sponsored Hackathon: Organize a Balancer-specific hackathon challenge to incentivize developers to build on top of Balancer v3. Winners can receive rewards and recognition, promoting creativity and highlighting the versatility of our platform.
    • Additional Social Events:
      • Engage with the Wider Community: Host informal social events, such as meet-and-greets, dinners, and networking mixers, to foster personal connections and engage with the DeFi community. These gatherings will provide a relaxed environment for meaningful interactions and relationship-building.

5. Implementation

Rough Timeline

  • May - June: Finalize event plans, secure speakers, and coordinate logistics.
  • July: Attend ETHCC, host side event.
  • August - September: Prepare for Token2049, develop presentation materials, and confirm participation.
  • September: Attend Token2049, and engage in speaking opportunities and panels.
  • October - November: Prepare for Devcon, and finalize hackathon details.
  • November: Attend Devcon, and participate in hackathons and panels.

6. Budget Considerations

Below is a rough budget for participation at ETHCC:

Category Item Cost per Unit (EUR) Quantity Total Cost (EUR)
Tickets Event Ticket (standard price) 750 10 7,500
Travel Flights/Trains (per person) 1,000 10 10,000
Accommodation Hotel (3-4 star, 5 nights) 1250 10 12,500
Promo and Merch Branded Merchandise 5000 1 5,000
Social Events Hosting Side Events 10,000 1 10,000
Miscellaneous Per Diem 75 10 750
Total Estimated Total - - 45,750

Note: The subsequent events would follow a similar budget structure, with potential adjustments based on our experiences at EthCC.

7. Specific Ask for Funding

We are requesting funding from the Balancer DAO to cover the costs associated with attending these key events. The estimated total budget for ETHCC is 45,750 EUR, and we anticipate similar costs for Token2049 and Devcon, adjusted for any improvements based on our ETHCC experience. This funding will cover accommodations, event tickets, per diem costs, transportation, promotional materials, expenses related to hosting social events, and hackathon participation.

OpCo will manage all payments and spending related to these events, ensuring efficient use of funds. The required budget will be sourced from the unallocated grants held by OpCo, ensuring that the expenditure aligns with our overall financial planning and support for the Balancer community.

Additionally, any unspent funds from these allocations will be rolled over to future events or initiatives, ensuring continued support and financial prudence in our promotional activities.

By securing this funding, we aim to maximize our impact at these events, promoting Balancer v3, fostering new partnerships, and enhancing our engagement with the DeFi community.

8. Success, Reporting, and Improvement


After each event, we will provide a detailed report to the Balancer DAO that includes:

  • Summary of activities and participation.
  • Key outcomes and metrics.
  • Photos and videos from the events.
  • Financial report detailing the actual expenses.

Continuous Improvement

Based on the feedback and experiences from each event, we will:

  • Identify areas for improvement for future events.
  • Adjust our strategy and activities to maximize impact.
  • Share best practices and lessons learned with the community.

9. Conclusion

This proposal aims to secure funding for Balancer’s strategic participation in key live events. By enhancing our presence at these events, we aim to significantly contribute to the successful launch of Balancer v3 and strengthen our position in the DeFi.


No technical specification required as funding will be supported by OpCo in this scenario; not interacting with the DAO Multisig directly.


Great proposal @JediRasta26! It will be exciting to see Balancer taking stage on irl events again!

After reviewing with the Marketing team funds available for the above specification, Balancer OpCo has 94,812,74 USDC currently unallocated.

$30,777.65 Q2 ONsite surplus
$64,035.09 Wormhole airdrop

The budget estimate presented is aligned with EthCC official website pricing, and flights/trains should present considerable savings, but it’s a good cap, given the proximity to the event date. Also possible to save on tickets (from $750 to $500) and accommodation (good range of recommended options from $150-$225).

Governance can count on OpCo’s admin/ops to assist the Marketing team and other SPs attending the event!


Vote live on snapshot here: Snapshot

In full support. Now is the time to show presence and connect with potential partners!