[BIP-597] Claim Wormhole (W) tokens


During the Wormhole TGE, the relationships with the business development team secured the Balancer DAO with an allocation of 100,000 W tokens (worth aprox. $60,000 at the time of writing), claimable through the Balancer OpCo executor wallet (eoa). The tokens are now claimable and transferable, and having them on an EVM eoa was a request from the Wormhole team.

This proposal seeks to authorize OpCo for the claim and swap the tokens for stablecoins.


This proposal authorizes Balancer OpCo Limited executor to interact with the Wormhole frontend https://airdrop.wormhole.com/ using (eoa) wallet 0x122AFb4667C5f80e45721a42C7c81e9140C62FA4 and follow procedures to claim tokens into a Solana address. Governance hereby authorizes the swapping of claimed tokens into stablecoins (pref USDC) at any time and bridging to the OpCo multisig 0x3B8910F378034FD6E103Df958863e5c684072693.


I am in support of this proposal given the resulting stable funds will be used for DAO activities



This was executed, proceeding $64,035.09 USDC to OpCo’s account on Kraken (minus fees).

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