[BIP-544] Linear Pool Hack Restituion



This BIP is concerning what to do with $376k USD in losses reported pertaining to the linear pool hack from last year.

It proposes back paying holders 75% of the lost value in BAL by way of a direct airdrop based on the discussion held here: [RFC] Linear pool hack restitution.

If passed, BAL amounts will be finally calculated based on pricing before a direct airdrop TX is loaded. Based on current pricing the total amount is 75,475 $BAL.

If any users bring up concerns about being dropped BAL, they may request themselves to be removed before the final payload is loaded on Monday. We can then handle that in separate governance.


Last year, a whitehat found a vulnerability in Balancer’s linear pools . Mitigations were put in place for many pools, and a strong comms effort was initiated to try to reach depositors in the pools that could be mitigated, asking them to withdraw. 5 days after the vulnerability was announced, hackers figured out the exploit and remaining funds in vulnerable pools were drained.

Following the passage of BIP-445, a 90 day collection period was completed. Multiple reminders were sent out over various channels, the most recent of which was this Tweet. This RFC presents the results of the research on the resulting dataset of claims, and asks veBAL voters to decide on how to restitute the victims. Once final details are decided in this RFC, a BIP will be posted with similar contents to approve the decision.


The Claims Data set:

Users were sent to an UI element that requested transaction IDs withdraws from hacked pools. These requests were submitted on chain to this Smart Contract , which generated events for each claim. Note that the claims period is now closed, using the UI element to report a loss now will not result in it being considered.

The events were collected and imported into this google sheet , where research was conducted and results were obtained. In the end 41 addresses reported losses. Of those, 4 addresses did not show any on-chain evidence of loss. A vast majority of the losses came from the bb-a-usd pool. The total USD value lost, based on pricing at time of hack adds up to $376,032.42. $5,861.27 of these losses were from 2 wallets on Optimism, the rest from mainnet.

The shape and style of Compensation:

The form of payment:

A major narrative over the last year at Balancer has been building/maintaining a stable USD runway. Things have improved recently, but Balancer is not USD rich. For that reason, it is proposed that restitution be paid in BAL tokens. The amount of BAL tokens paid should be based on a 24 hour TWAP preceding the posting of the snapshot (on a Thursday).

The delivery of payment:

On mainnet, payment will be directly airdropped to affected wallets in the same week that voting ends.
The addresses on Optimism do not look like they have gas on mainnet. Further, Beets has signalled its willingness to assist with distribution, and potentially cover half of the costs of repayment for Beets users on OP. For this reason, it is suggested that 50% of the BAL due to OP users is sent to Beethoven X on mainnet, and Beethoven then takes responsibility for restitution to the users for the full amount due directly on Optimsm. If beet governance decides not to pay half of the costs, the final proposal will be changed such that 100% of the BAL due to OP users is sent to beets.

The amount of payment:

An RFC was held to collect community feedback around this issue. A poll was staged asking if this BIP should offer 75% of the amount lost or 100% and opened the floor to discuss other options.

As a result of said conversation, this BIP proposes that 75% of the amount lost is paid back. This results in a total of 376_032.42 * .75 = 282_024.32 USD of value, which results in a total of 282_024.32 / 3.57 = 78_998.40896359 BAL at the time of this vote. If the price of BAL moves by more than 5 cents by noon on Monday after a successful yes vote, the payload will be regenerated using new BAL pricing and the total amount of BAL paid out may change.

Extra decisions and details surrounding this matter

Beethoven helps out with losses on Optimism

Beethoven has agreed to pay half of the 5_861.28 * .75 = 4_395.96 USD due to victims as decided by Balancer, which is 50% of the final value owed to Optimsim based victims will be sent to the Beets Treasury on Mainnet 0x811912c19eEF91b9Dc3cA52fc426590cFB84FC86. This reduces the total amount due by Balancer by 615.68067227 BAL (see first row of the airdrop csv).

Addition of a late reporter on Arbitrum with special handling

A user with the address 0x8484e288b7c2edad1b5214ed9df3bae4af7dadf5 showed up on Discord after the end of the claim period reporting losses from the USD+ pool on Arbitrum. The total losses were calculated using the same methods as other claimants:

pre-hack value = 2_312.80701209198413362 BPTs * 1.01542668 USDperBPT = 2_348.48594577 USD
recpvered value USD = (106.19 USD in USD+) + (66.35 USDC) = 172.54 
total loss = 2_312.8070120919841336 -  172.54 = 2140.267012092 in USD value lost

Support and the Balancer Maxis agreed to include this address in this restitution BIP barring any strong objections stated in comments before snapshot.

Based on the 75% payback at the currently used BAL price this equates to 2140.267012092 * .75 / 3.57 = 449.6359269101 $BAL. As with other claims this amount will be recalculated if the price of BAL drops more than 5 cents.

Further this user is the sole Arbitrum claimant, and does not have gas on mainnet. The Balancer Maxis still have 1,287 $BAL in the Op LM Multisig. This BAL was left over from the entry into BAL/ETH LP due to price movements between snapshot and deposit. The plan was to bridge these assets back to the DAO multisig on mainnet, but this BIP proposes that this BAL is instead held on Op to be used there as instructed by governance, with a portion of it being used to pay back the affected user described above. The user has agreed to accept payment on Optimsim for their Arbitrum based losses.


Around Noon GMT on Monday the final price of BAL should be checked. If it deviates from the current payload price of $3.57 by more then 5 cents, the payload CSV will be renegerated from the google sheet using the new current price. The final payload will then be reviewed by at least 2 Balancer Maxis on github before being loaded into the DAO multisig as part of the regular process.

The Maxis are authorized to hold upto 1300 BAL in the Op LM multisig, and use a portion of that to pay back 1605.200259069 USD worth of BAL to 0x8484e288b7c2edad1b5214ed9df3bae4af7dadf5 on Optimism. Remaining BAL in this safe will stay put until future governance specifies otherwise.

The List of Payouts

The current CSV, that may be revised based on BAL pricing and does not include Optimsim victims, but does include the Beethoven Treasury is below. If you reported, please check this. If you will be unable to access $BAL sent to this address, please comment on this forum post or contact @gosuto or myself or any of the Maxis here or on Discord.

receiver amount (BAL)
0xea06e1b4259730724885a39CE3ca670eFB020E26 615.680672270000000000
0x0412ed8438b5fae246606909ef8ba365f9103783 9990.995101387800
0x4281e53938c3b1c1d3e8afd21c02ce8512cdbc93 8942.947050640030
0xbb19053e031d9b2b364351b21a8ed3568b21399b 5482.156847619760
0x6aee9dc09702dffab334f3f8e6f3f97c0e7261f4 3977.461595932680
0xda6b2a5e0c56542984d84a710f90eefd94ca1991 3864.324848292750
0x1c39babd4e0d7bff33bc27c6cc5a4f1d74c9f562 3602.251184687360
0x66c9e1e4fe518cebfe59c9de16e1c780ef5bacd3 3311.989335451880
0xe7a76d8513e55578c80e4b26fc61ee7d4906d4cd 2900.083047791250
0x91b9e59614995e13a32e36440ac524825f7ae39e 2853.241920880260
0x19ae63358648795aaf29e36733f04fcef683aa69 2403.861226346110
0xd519d5704b41511951c8cf9f65fee9ab9bef2611 2366.325069629450
0x9b71dbccd9ffb858899ef3244b09a5354b16048e 2360.939491636720
0x74c3646adad7e196102d1fe35267adfd401a568b 2323.821488996030
0xba5c2f2165ddd691f99e12a23ec75cc1519930b4 2320.708830947810
0x1cbad69d9cc22962a0a885921518c06ed2f04ffd 2112.388067695380
0x1c8bcb6348c84122e67a50e513a1e183c0e6929a 1884.150318266970
0x6724f3fbb16f542401bfc42c464ce91b6c31001e 1728.214666145720
0xff052381092420b7f24cc97fded9c0c17b2cbbb9 1589.773016013600
0x242d7cd78cce454946f35f0a263b54fbe228852c 1528.094110852380
0x6d5dda04760f0515dc131ff4df76a5188ffcdfcb 1135.468489356770
0x6e33b41e44ca2be27e8f65b5231ae61a21044b4a 1112.924127446140
0xf96cd1cf416b50b60358a17bc8593060148de422 1061.983717838710
0x0a29500ccc6af0b11c72d4e171d925eb0bb7ee15 1061.701293477720
0xd3238d8be92fd856146f53a8b6582bc88e887559 1060.813502101100
0xfe73b5a595405bac396c329c674571a7a3db528c 1042.239302185270
0x438fd34eab0e80814a231a983d8bfaf507ae16d4 968.698971879056
0xc9cea7a3984cefd7a8d2a0405999cb62e8d206dc 860.314807351138
0x0b177b7f10faeadd6eee6d2cc46d783f460566c8 820.182974078841
0xaa857ddce7b5b9cb17296c790cb40e8c11a3d4f0 797.803289831699
0xe68d7a6c421e2d220b5840116008c9abdbcf53b2 636.180089970680
0xd09ca75315e70bd3988a47958a0c6c5b30b830e1 614.709047199336
0x54c3c925b9d715af541b77f9817544bdc663345e 363.682947565343
0x36cc7b13029b5dee4034745fb4f24034f3f2ffc6 345.292784038761
0xcaab2680d81df6b3e2ece585bb45cee97bf30cd7 302.655365607094
0xcb926f497763ea5cf993912a442431e6a91d5a64 38.666901111201

I add this spreadsheet where I checked if the addresses are contracts or not, and if they had interactions in the last 30 days.

Thanks a lot for putting this all together.

Beethoven X decided to airdrop 50% of the restitution in the supplied BAL tokens and the other 50% in USDC from Beethoven X treasury. As the affected wallets were from USD stable pools, it seemed most straight forward to use USDC for the Beethoven X part.

Also, the Beethoven X treasury address on mainnet is eth:0xea06e1b4259730724885a39CE3ca670eFB020E26. The address as stated in the sheet and the BIP are wrong. Please correct. You can double check the address in our docs: Treasury – Beethoven X


This is acknowledged and will be updated in the final payload. We’ve also updated our address-book to better clarify the different Beets multisigs.


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i updated the csv to reflect the latest spot price, the old value of 3.57 has clearly been deviated from too much. new value used is 3.85

Here is the transaction for the single user on Arbitrum described above:

The mainnet payload has been loaded and is awaiting signature from a larger signer set. I’ll post a final message with that tx id when the transaction is executed.

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The rest of the payments on mainnet have now been sent:

@franzns BeethovenX should be able to complete onward work on to pay back addresses on Op now.

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Reimbursement on OP by Beets has been sent OP Mainnet Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Optimism