[BIP-535] Assisting DNS hack victims - final batch payment

PR with Payload


Following the developments after the DNS hack reported here, and given the current framework proposition on BIP-443, precedent set by BIP-455 and last call for claims under BIP-498, this proposal seeks to compensate users affected by the frontend attack by refunding 75% of their lost funds.


As of Dec 25th, the deadline set by BIP-498, only 7 (seven) users have reported loss of funds to the Balancer Maxis or other community contributors, to a total amount equivalent of $330,521,91 USD at the time of the attack.

From that amount, a portion of $157,075 USD belonging to auramaxi.eth was taken care of immediately after the approval of BIP-443. Four other users, totaling $162,153.08 of affected funds, got their restitution under BIP-455. Two other claims remain to be addressed (see below).

With these two cases, we finally expect to put this episode behind us.

The addresses below are verified, known and damaged wallets, who will be providing on-chain signatures for wallet verification referencing this BIP in the comments below, along with a statement forgoing all further claims to restitution. The amount to be sent is 75% of the total lost by these wallets during the attack period (including amounts stolen and angel drainer contract fee), which can be verified on-chain and cross ref with @gosuto 's spreadsheet here.

User #6 wallet:
$5,842.85 USD total (Arbitrum)
4,382.14 USDC Refund

User #7 wallet:
$ 5,450.98 USD total (Ethereum)
4,088.24 USDC Refund


Upon approval of this BIP, the DAO Treasury (mainnet) will send:

  • 4,382.14 USDC to 0xde5cbe25c58c49ee7635216de6998f8dacd63b96
  • $4,088.24 USDC to 0xc4f95f674b393a49410ace864833abe836848526

Here is my signature for verification and to acknowledge the forfeit of any further claims.

The information for wallet #6 defined is fully correct.

Thanks a lot @Danko8383 for the correct treatment and resolution of this situation.

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Wallet #7 confirmation. Ethereum Verified Signed Message


Glad to see that this is finally getting wrapped up and kudos to the Maxis for getting this swiftly resolved. Users should feel a great deal of confidence in using the Balancer protocol going foward.

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