[BIP-370] Reallocate bb-a-USD Protocol Fees to GHO/bb-a-USD Fees

title: [BIP-XXX] Reallocate bb-a-USD Protocol Fees to GHO/bb-a-USD Fees
author: @TokenLogic
created: 2023-07-11


This publication presents the Balancer community an opportunity to bootstrap the GHO/bb-a-USD pool by redirecting protocol fees used for bribes from bb-a-USD to GHO/bb-a-USD pool.


This publication proposes reallocating the bribe portion of Protocol Fees from the bb-a-USD pool to the GHO/bb-a-USD pool. The goal is for Balancer to become the home for GHO by granting GHO the best possible start and hosting the deepest liquidity pools.


The bb-a-USD pool is a “core pool” under BIP-19 with 100% of the pool generating yield. This means 32.5% of yield generated by this pool is then used for bribing votes on Hidden Hand.

This publication proposes redirecting the bribe portion of the protocol fees towards the GHO/bb-a-USD pool.


The bribe portion of the ProtocolFee from bb-a-USD is to be redirected to bribes for GHO/bb-a-USD.



This proposal is the sole work of Matthew Graham and Dydymoon from TokenLogic. This proposal has been funded via the Butter Delegation Campaign.

Details on TokenLogics delegation platform can be found here.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Hey, just one question on this one. Is this change being suggested with no end date specified?

Also in the event the bb-a-usd pool is redeployed i think this proposal should specify the bribes from the new pool should also be redirected.