[BIP-35] Whitelist the Laguna Games’ Gnosis Safe for Balancer’s Voting Escrow


Laguna Games requests the whitelisting of the Laguna Games Gnosis Safe, enabling it to lock veBAL and participate in governance and gauge voting activities.


Laguna Games is a game development company responsible for building the Crypto Unicorns game. Crypto Unicorns’ RBW is the primary token value used both for in-game operations, in-game marketplace and governance. Laguna Games recognizes Balancer as a long-term partner, with our official RBW/wETH liquidity pool resting on Balancer. We hope that with this, we’d be able to further align with the Balancer ecosystem through active participation in governance and by incentivizing additional liquidity flow via Balancer.


We are requesting to whitelist the Laguna Games Gnosis Safe multisig so it may interact with the veBAL contract.

Address: 0x08df64083cb978c8c1aa3c8772c600f9a6ee243d


First one of these we’ve had in awhile :slight_smile:

Happy to support

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hey @lgNanessa ,

thank you for the proposal. Happy to support!


Great to see a non-defi project here! We look forward to seeing you participate in governance

In favor to support.

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Happy to be here. We look forward to participating and getting involved!

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Hello again, everyone!
If there are no disagreements, we’d like to move forward in the process.
Thank you again for the opportunity to contribute and be part of your ecosystem.