[BIP-280] Pay DAO Multisig Stipends for H1 '23

PR with Payload


Per this proposal, the expectation was set that DAO Multisig signers would be paid 500 BAL every six months. If approved, this BIP would see 5,000 BAL paid out to the 11 DAO Multisig signers for their work over the previous six months.

Ernesto (BGD) has opted out from taking his stipend, that’s why the amount is 5,000 BAL rather than 5,500 BAL.


The DAO Multisig 0x10A19e7eE7d7F8a52822f6817de8ea18204F2e4f will send 500 BAL to each of the following addresses:

Mounir (Paraswap): 0x0951FF0835302929d6c0162b3d2495A85e38ec3A
0xMaki: 0x285b7EEa81a5B66B62e7276a24c1e0F83F7409c1
AlexLange: 0x3ABDc84Dd15b0058B281D7e26CCc3932cfb268aA
trentmc0: 0x478eC43c6867c2884f87B21c164f1fD1308bD9a3
solarcurve: 0x512fce9B07Ce64590849115EE6B32fd40eC0f5F3
Evan (Copper): 0x59693BA1A5764e087CE166ac0E0085Fc071B9ea7
nanexcool: 0x823DF0278e4998cD0D06FB857fBD51e85b18A250
bonustrack87: 0x9BE6ff2A1D5139Eda96339E2644dC1F05d803600
Stefan (Gnosis): 0x9F7dfAb2222A473284205cdDF08a677726d786A0
David Gerai: 0xAc1aA53108712d7f38093A67d380aD54B562a650