[BIP-219] Enable bb-t-USD Gauge [Polygon]

Transaction Payload

The Tetu Protocol has been actively building within the Balancer ecosystem, with tetuBAL serving as its primary Balancer-focused product.
Tetu wants to leverage boosted pool functionality by introducing the bb-t-usd composable pool which consists of 3 liner pools (bb-t-USDC, bb-t-DAI, bb-t-USDT)

The underlying tokens are USDC, DAI, and USDT. Those tokens will be partially invested in the TETU4626 vaults (USDC, DAI, USDT) to earn yield from dFORCE / MESH / AAVE optimized according to the market conditions.

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Protocol Description:

Tetu is an asset management protocol that implements automated yield farming strategy for users.


The implementation of linear and boosted pools is gradually enhancing Balancer’s capacity to boost capital efficiency throughout the protocol. The robust boosted pool aligns with Balancer’s objective to offer a secure platform for LPs to access external yield sources while simultaneously ensuring efficient liquidity for swapping. This approach benefits both LPs and the DAO, generating yield


  1. Governance: Multi Sig - Tetu
  2. Oracles: No
  3. Audits: docs.tetu.io
  4. Centralization vectors: n/a
  5. Market History: Tetu token can be volatile in the certain market conditions.

Composable Pool: 0xb3d658d5b95BF04E2932370DD1FF976fe18dd66A
Gauge: 0x28D4FE67c68d340fe66CfbCBe8e2cd279d8AA6dD