BAL Whitelist - Round 3

On behalf of the Balancer community, I’d like to propose the following additions to the token whitelist used for BAL governance distribution. For reference, please see the previous proposals which detail the motivation for creation of the whitelist and define the list of tokens used to date:

I propose adding the following tokens to the existing whitelist:

    CTS			0x57e83505827788c9F92bCfd398A51A7b0C83DD8e
    BTCRSIAPY	0x924E26fEe8E10c20726006CC2Bd307A538B0eBE5
    MQSS		0x77b1465b0e01ba085e515324e30fEe6555C623EA
    TCapBTCUSDC	0x7510D6fac98A6eCa2DB7c9357619715a7f5049d4
    TCapETHDAI	0x8e4dBF540Bf814c044785218B58C930B20a56BE1
    ETHSB		0x8DDF05C42C698329053c4F39B5bb05A350fd8132
    STMX		0xbE9375C6a420D2eEB258962efB95551A5b722803
    SWM			0x3505F494c3f0fed0B594E01Fa41Dd3967645ca39
    COCOS		0x0C6f5F7D555E7518f6841a79436BD2b1Eef03381
    DOS			0x70861e862E1Ac0C96f853C8231826e469eAd37B1
    RDN			0x255Aa6DF07540Cb5d3d297f0D0D4D84cb52bc8e6
    MATH		0x08d967bb0134F2d07f7cfb6E246680c53927DD30

The proposed changes would go into effect at 00:00 UTC on Monday, July 13.


How do we request a token to be added? I want to start a liquidity pool for $LBA and get the LBA community involved.


LBA contract:

Why it should be added:

The token is used in their CeFi project offering 4% APY on Bitcoin and if you stake 10,000 LBA, you earn 7%. Their are like 30 currencies supported and it is a sleeping giant ($11M mkt cap with $200M in assets). Partnered with, integrated into Uphold (credEarn), and much more…

i can see benefit from adding the non tokenset tokens…

but i see no benefit/utility from adding tokenset tokens at least for the Balance users/traders

it would be a great benefit for some tokenset holder though… to be able to get interest on top of their tokensets increasing in value … DOUBLE INTEREST…

You can earn interest on LBA via CredEarn but have to hold 3-6m +stake 10k LBA. If Bal/Lba pool existed, LBA holders would add liquidity.

Still waiting for an answer about getting LBA on whitelist :slight_smile: