BAL Whitelist - Round 6

On behalf of the Balancer community, I’d like to propose the following modifications to the token whitelist used for BAL governance distribution. As a reminder, these whitelist proposals are largely noncontentious, so they are not subject to community vote. Instead, the community has 24 hours to review the proposal and voice concern; otherwise, it automatically passes. For reference, please see the previous proposals which detail the motivation for creation of the whitelist and define the list of tokens used to date:

First, I propose to remove the following tokens from the existing whitelist.

LEV: A previously undiscovered issue was found in the contract’s approve() function which results in an inability to sell the token on Balancer. Liquidity addition for this token will be paused, and liquidity removal will continue to operate as usual. No user funds are at risk; this liquidity is simply not usable for token swaps. It is recommended to remove it and make better use of those funds elsewhere.

    REMOVE	LEV		0x0F4CA92660Efad97a9a70CB0fe969c755439772C

PRO: This week, the community expressed displeasure at the continued reward distribution to this particular token, which appears to be generating near-zero trade volume on Balancer in a 0.0001% fee pool with over $2M in liquidity. This pool is not contributing value to the protocol and is being unfairly rewarded, thus punishing other Balancer LPs.

    REMOVE	PRO		0x9041Fe5B3FDEA0f5e4afDC17e75180738D877A01

Finally, I propose to add the following new tokens to the existing whitelist:

    ADD		ALEPH	0xC0134b5B924c2FCA106eFB33C45446c466FBe03e
    ADD		ARPA	0xBA50933C268F567BDC86E1aC131BE072C6B0b71a
    ADD		ARTE	0x44b6e3e85561ce054aB13Affa0773358D795D36D
    ADD		CARD	0x954b890704693af242613edEf1B603825afcD708
    ADD		CUR		0x13339fD07934CD674269726EdF3B5ccEE9DD93de
    ADD		KAI		0xBD6467a31899590474cE1e84F70594c53D628e46
    ADD		NEC		0xCc80C051057B774cD75067Dc48f8987C4Eb97A5e
    ADD		uDOO	0x12f649A9E821F90BB143089a6e56846945892ffB

The proposed changes would go into effect at 00:00 UTC on Monday, August 3.

@rabmarut I propose to ADD Hue for Round 7.

HUE - 0xdcfe18bc46f5a0cd0d3af0c2155d2bcb5ade2fc5

Thanks for reaching out. HUE was considered for this round, but the smart contract source code is not verified on etherscan, so I’m afraid it currently does not meet our listing criteria. When this is fixed, I’d be happy to reevaluate.

Thanks for responding @rabmarut. I’ll look to get this fixed.

Hello! I saw ARPA is already included in the Whitelist according to this message.

However I cannot find it on when doing the exchange…When will it be available? Thanks!

There is a separate whitelist for the exchange front-end. The team only lists a select few tokens there. You can always use any token on the exchange by pasting its contract address into the search!

This was added in the previous round: BAL Whitelist - Round 5

Thank you! Is there still any chance for a whitelist token to be on the front-end?

As of now, whitelisted tokens are automatically added to the “pools” front-end but not the “exchange” front-end. You are welcome to request an exchange front-end listing by making a PR here, but the team is pretty stingy about these:

Hey @rabmarut The contract is now verified. Can we get HUE whitelisted?

I will review for this round. Thank you for letting me know!

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