BAL Whitelist - Round 11

On behalf of the Balancer community, I’d like to propose the following modifications to the token whitelist used for BAL governance distribution. As a reminder, these whitelist proposals are now pre-approved on objective technical criteria only, so they are not subject to community vote. All new tokens will be placed at cap1 for liquidity mining, meaning each token’s measured BAL-eligible liquidity is scaled to a maximum of $1M (at time of writing). At any time, community members may propose to increase a token’s cap to the next tier. For reference, please see the previous proposals which detail the motivation for creation of the whitelist and define the list of tokens used to date:

Proposed Modifications

I would like to propose adding the following new tokens to the whitelist:

    ADD		ADEL			0x94d863173EE77439E4292284fF13fAD54b3BA182
    ADD		ALEX			0x8BA6DcC667d3FF64C1A2123cE72FF5F0199E5315
    ADD		ANC				0xbBe319b73744dB9d54F5D29df7D8256B7e43995C
    ADD		CELR			0x4F9254C83EB525f9FCf346490bbb3ed28a81C667
    ADD		CVP				0x38e4adB44ef08F22F5B5b76A8f0c2d0dCbE7DcA1
    ADD		FARM			0xa0246c9032bC3A600820415aE600c6388619A14D
    ADD		FET				0x1D287CC25dAD7cCaF76a26bc660c5F7C8E2a05BD
    ADD		GTX				0x916885426255235DA7a0BD90447986c00675f9EC
    ADD		MEME			0xD5525D397898e5502075Ea5E830d8914f6F0affe
    ADD		MXX				0x8a6f3BF52A26a21531514E23016eEAe8Ba7e7018
    ADD		NIOX			0xc813EA5e3b48BEbeedb796ab42A30C5599b01740
    ADD		PERP			0xbC396689893D065F41bc2C6EcbeE5e0085233447
    ADD		REVV			0x557B933a7C2c45672B610F8954A3deB39a51A8Ca
    ADD		SUSHI			0x6B3595068778DD592e39A122f4f5a5cF09C90fE2
    ADD		SWRV			0xB8BAa0e4287890a5F79863aB62b7F175ceCbD433
    ADD		TACO			0x00D1793D7C3aAE506257Ba985b34C76AaF642557
    ADD		uUSDrBTC-OCT	0x208D174775dc39fe18B1b374972F77ddEc6c0F73
    ADD		YFFI			0xCee1d3c3A02267e37E6B373060F79d5d7b9e1669
    ADD		YFL				0x28cb7e841ee97947a86B06fA4090C8451f64c0be

The proposed changes would go into effect at 00:00 UTC on Monday, September 7.


The following tokens are denied due to technical incompatibility with Balancer protocol.

    NO BOOL RETURN		CDT		0x177d39AC676ED1C67A2b268AD7F1E58826E5B0af
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