Andrea the Delegatooor

Dear Balancer Community,

I would like to present my candidacy as a voting delegate.

Please find below my introduction card.

Name: Andrea

Address or ENS: collectivegovernance.eth

Discord username/TG username: Andrea | Balancer DAO#0392 / @andreaitalia

I have read and understood the Delegate process: Affirmative

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Affirmative

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: I have been a tokenholder since the launch of BAL and I’ve been around from the very beginning (back in the days when both Discord and the forum were very quiet). I have followed and dedicated my personal time to the evolution of the Protocol and the community growth. I am a strong believer of the success of Balancer and its technology.

I also have my own ideas and beliefs and, while I am often aligned with the general consensus on how to manage the protocol, there have been occasions where I have expressed doubts and voted against.

Over time there have been some specific cases where I showed my opposition:

Proposal: Onboard Fire Eyes DAO as Strategic Partner

[Proposal] Authorize Treasury subDAO to Allocate BAL to Turbo

[Proposal] Governance Process Revamp 2.0

[Proposal] Commission quarterly financial reports through the Messari Hub

I’ll let you be the judge.

My view on Fernando’s vision for Balancer: I understand his vision and the idea of creating a protocol that adopts the role of a provider of liquidity rather than just being a simple AMM. Fernando wants Balancer to be an underlying product on top of which third party teams build and I agree with his strategy and vision.

My web3 interests: I look at decentralisation, permissionless operations and true ownership. Firm believer of privacy and the original values of crypto: democratisation of finance and financial freedom.

Languages I speak/write: Italian; some Spanish, some English, some Portuguese and some Chinese Mandarin.

My skills and areas of expertise: Dedicated the last six months to the Partnership subDAO.
IRL I’m an Airline Captain based in Europe but travelled the world and lived in many different Countries (UK, Spain, Portugal, China, Thailand, Cambodia and now Greece). Previous Experiences range from a military formation and career to an MsC is Air Transport Management. This experience/formation allows me to understand different cultures, perspectives, understanding people, building relationships and have strong management skills and leadership skills. I’m also not afraid of working hard to get things done.

Other web3 projects I’m involved in: just been hired as Liquidity grant and partnerships lead at Polygon DAO (part time role). I also work closely with Coppelaunch on some other, not directly related projects.


I abstained because I’m not 100% convinced this will be super positive for BalancerDAO.

I voted yes, Gnosis demonstrated over time to be a Balancer supporter and held BAL tokens for a very long time

I voted yes, a natural step to provide liquidity on OP.

I voted yes. Hopefully these events will not happen again after this vote passes

I voted yes. Tribe is one of our main partners.



Voted yes. More of a admin vote at this stage. Not much more to add.


I abstained

I voted yes - standard procedure here

I voted yes- another standard procedure

I voted yes - this will be the last payment in Ballaries and some funds were needed

I abstained - for conflicting interests here. I wish the members success however.


[BIP-19] Incentivize Core Pools & L2 Usage

I voted yes. Even if the concept is not new (Solidly has been experimenting around these ideas for a while with scarce success), I would say that there is not much to lose at this point so let’s try.

[BIP-20] Funding Proposal for Orb Collective

I voted yes because the team is professional and I have faith in their capabilities

[BIP-21] Funding Proposal for Ecosystem Ops and Development Squad

I voted yes because Balancer needs more teams collaborating with each other’s. Given Orb Price tag I didn’t find the price too high given Luuk’e experience and the value his team can probably add.

[BIP-22] Fund Balancer Grants for Q3

I voted yes because I like what Zendragon, Burn and the rest of the team have been doing during the past few months.

[BIP-7] Enable auraBAL/[8020 BAL/WETH bpt] Gauge [second vote]

I voted yes. Not much to add here

[BIP-24] Allocate BAL to a Ribbon Finance Vault

I voted No. I do not agree in engaging with potentially risky and somewhat speculative plays with Treasury.

[BIP-25] Enable AURA/ETH 50/50 Gauge

I voted yes. I like what Aura is doing.

[BIP-7] Enable auraBAL/[8020 BAL/WETH bpt] Gauge [second vote]

I voted yes. Again.

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Let’s get this thing back up

as a test, the wallet


voted YES to BIP-83.