Adding BAL as collateral on Aave

Hi Balancer Community!

@monet-supply and I have submitted a proposal on Aave governance forum, to add BAL as a new asset in the Aave market.

We believe BAL will be great addition to the set of collateral in Aave, as BAL will have a natural borrowing demand because of liquidity mining incentives. You can already see this playing out in CREAM markets. If BAL is included as an asset in Aave markets, it’d be beneficial for both communities.

Checkout the proposal on Aave governance forum, and we would appreciate your support for the same.


I would love to see balancer pools used as collateral. Not the token itself. Do you think this is possible? similar to UNI LPs?

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That would be great… Balancer pools as collateral will be very useful. I think Maker implemented something like that for eth stablecoin pairs

Hey all!

FireEyes DAO is working on getting enough proposition power to send this Aave proposal on-chain.

We’re in touch with the Aave team and they fully support the integration. The only thing is that the on-chain proposal needs to come from the community – which is only possible if you have 0.5% of the total supply delegated to your address. That’s what we’re working on.

We’re currently sitting at ~54K AAVE out of the 80K required (67%). Almost there!

So if you’d like to see BAL on Aave, please consider delegating to FireEyes. We’ll get this moving along asap.

FireEyes Address: 0x2324777719176F53De7661a1ff2cE412a87cD2DC
Delegation Page: Aave - Open Source Liquidity Protocol