[Proposal] Whitelist the Aave Mainnet Reserve Factor for Balancer’s VoteEscrow

title: [Proposal] Whitelist the Aave Mainnet Reserve Factor for Balancer’s VoteEscrow
status: Proposed
author: @Matthew_Graham (Llama)
created: 23-04-2022


The proposal aims to add Aave DAO’s Reserve Factor address to the Balancer VotingEscrow whitelist. This will enable the Aave Community to vote-lock BAL (B-80BAL-20WETH) and participate in Balancer DAO’s governance, [1].


Llama has published proposals on the Aave DAO and Balancer DAO governance forum for both communities to perform a 200,000 BAL for AAVE tokenswap, [2,3,4]. Upon completing this tokenswap, Aave intends to deposit BAL and ETH into the B-80BAL-20WETH pool. This proposal is to enable Aave to vote-lock BAL (B-80/20 BAL/ETH) and become an active contributor within the Balancer governance process.


Aave and Balancer communities have a long working relationship. Aave has incorporated the 80/20 AAVE/ETH Balancer V1 BPT into the Safety Module and intends to upgrade to using a Balancer V2 pool in time. Meanwhile, Balancer’s USDC/DAI/USDT Boosted Pool uses Aave V2 in the background as a source of yield for liquidity providers. Both communities have demonstrated the ability to work together and create value for each other’s community. The tokenswap is the next logical step in creating an ever stronger relationship.

At the time of writing the Aave mainnet Reserve Factor holds 1,924 aBAL and this will become around 201,924 BAL post tokenswap, [2,5]. If the Aave community elects to proceed with an on-market purchase of 100,000 BAL, the total BAL holding will become 301,924 and Aave will become one of the Top 30 holders [6,7]. Aave intends to use the veBAL holding to actively participate in Balancer’s governance process and to support the pools that lead to funds being deposited into Aave markets and/or Safety Module.


No significant risks have been identified in connection with the proposed transaction.


Whitelist 0x464c71f6c2f760dda6093dcb91c24c39e5d6e18c to interact with the veBAL contract, [5].


[1] Balancer
[2] ARC - Strategic Partnership with Balancer Part #1 - General - Aave
[3] Snapshot
[4] [Proposal] Strategic Partnership with Aave DAO
[5] Aave: Aave Collector V2 | Address 0x464c71f6c2f760dda6093dcb91c24c39e5d6e18c | Etherscan
[6] ARC - Strategic Partnership with Balancer Part #2 - Governance - Aave
[7] $15.09 | Balancer (BAL) Token Tracker | Etherscan

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This post has been up for 10 days now.
It matches all the requirements and didn’t receive any negative comments.

I propose to bring it up to snapshot at the earliest occasion.

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Hi @Andrea81,

May I kindly request a snapshot vote be created to progress this proposal forward. It would be fantastic to have concluded the vote by EOW. Thank you for any help in advance.

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I believe this has been already proposed but not sure why didn’t go to a vote?
Probably has to do with the fact that we have two similar proposals as I shared with you. But even in that case this shouldn’t be an issue.

Will let you know!

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