Very new, what next?


just bought 1000 bal and need my next direction. not sure what to do and appreciate any help.


Hello and welcome! The answer to your question depends very much on what you are trying to accomplish. What brought you to Balancer in the first place? Are you looking to trade, become a liquidity provider, or participate in governance? Our docs should provide a good starting point.

Hi, thank you for your response. I was in a semi-retirement phase of my life in crypto. I came out to enjoy this bull run. Found out defi is the place you want to be so I started trading all the defi projects . I then bought 10k bal tokens last week and decided to inquire more into the amm, lp etc…

To be honest, i find this system a convoluted one. I have decided to sell my 10k bal and stick to scalping the market where I make more money. Good luck dealing with a clunky eth. I have 7000k being sold on binance and 2500+ being sold on gemini.