Veballer.eth - Delegate Thread

[BIP-43] Redeem Treasury FEI for USDC

I voted yes. We need all the USDC we can get to fund SPs - I will write up a dedicated post about this topic on the forum.

[BIP-44] Support Balancer Space delegation on Snapshot for vlAURA holders

I voted yes. Important improvement for the vote delegation mechanics. Very happy that this will hopefully soon be implemented.

[BIP-45] Balancer LP BAL into MLP

I voted yes. In my opinion a lower risk investment

[BIP-46] Enable SILO/ETH Gauge on Ethereum

I voted no. As stated before, I am very careful with adding new gauges. I don’t see any meaningful liquidity ( and fees) resulting from this gauge.

[BIP-47] Balancer <> Across Protocol for Bridging Tokens Across Chains

I voted yes. Was on the fence for this one. Bridges have inherent risks and some of them were hacked. The upside of providing good bridging services to our end users currently outweighs its inherent risks.

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[BIP-48] Kill FEI/WETH Gauge

I voted yes. - RIP Tribe

[BIP-49] ComposableStable and AaveLinearPools: permission granting

I voted yes. Important infrastructure vote to move forward our tech.

[BIP-50] Set Protocol Fee on Yield

I voted yes. This vote has been the most important one out of the current voting round. It is a crucial piece of the puzzle to make the DAO more self-sustainable. Additionally, the impact for end-users is microscopic.

[BIP-51] Gauge Migration to Composable Stable Pools

I voted yes. Another important infrastructure vote to strengthen flexibility and security.

[BIP-52] Allocate BAL Liquidity to Aave

I voted to allocate100k BAL Let’s see how this one plays out. At least we are working with our idle treasury assets.

[BIP-53] Enable crosschain Gauges via LayerZero

I voted yes. Awesome for our BEETs frens

[BIP-54] Authorize Balancer Labs to initiate distributions on Optimism gauges

I voted yes Another win for our BEETs frens

[BIP-55] Funding Proposal for the Balancer OpCo

I abstained. As a member of the Balancer Foundation board, I am not voting on SP proposals.

[BIP-56] Re-enable CREAM/WETH 80/20 Gauge [Ethereum]

I voted No - Only positive outcome of this vote is that people realize that governance works at Balancer.

[BIP-57a] Introduce Gauge Framework v1

I voted Yes - The framework might not be perfect but it is a step in the right direction.

[BIP-57b] Introduce Gauge Framework v1

I voted for 2% - We cannot please everybody. 10% would be ridiculous, 5% would be great for our Badger bros but I don’t think that model is sustainable.

[BIP-58] Increase Snapshot Quorum

I voted for 500k - good first step for healthy quorum. We can always adjust.

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[BIP-59] Enable MAI/USDC Gauge on Ethereum

I voted yes. - The Qi DAO has created amazing products on Polygon that I have been using for a while. Great to see their stable coin finally making its way to mainnet! Hyped for this one!

[BIP-60] Enable XSGD:USDC “FXPool” Gauge [Polygon]

I voted yes - With the framework in place, we can be more generous with enabling project gauges. Very nice to see that a grantee projects made it this far!

[BIP-61] Operating Procedures for DAO’s Selling Their Locked BAL Position OTC

I voted yes - Kudos to @Mike_B for pointing out this issue. Very important so that there are no loopholes for DAOs. Everybody should be treated equally.

[BIP-62] Stable v2, composableStable, Weighted v2 Permission Granting

I voted yes. - Very few people understand that Balancer has an outstanding granting mechanism as an additional security layer.

[BIP-63] Enable IB/WETH 80/20 Gauge w/2% emissions cap [Optimism]

I voted yes - Iron bank has some history but great to see them on OP. Beets on OP will be an incredible fee driver in the future!

[BIP-64] Revised Gauge Migration to Composable Stable Pools

I voted yes. - Necessary infrastructure vote.

[BIP-65] Enable INV/DOLA 50/50 Gauge on Ethereum w/2% emissions cap

I voted yes. - Another small cap project, but with a clear vision to integrate into our gauge framework and bribing mechanisms. Nice!

[BIP-66] Migrate Lightly Used Gauges to Capped

I voted yes. - We have all been discussing the gauge framework in extensive detail. This is only fair to prevent large entities to hijack smaller pools again - No more CREAM or DIGG like drama!

[BIP-67] Enable rETH/RPL Gauge [Ethereum]

I voted yes. - This pool will generate a ton of fees! Very excited for this one!

[BIP-68] Enable wstETH/LDO Gauge [Ethereum]

I voted yes. - This pool will generate a ton of fees as well! Treasury booster activated!

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[BIP-69] Whitelist Beethoven X Gnosis Safe for Balancer’s VotingEscrow

I voted yes. - The Beethoven-X team have proven again and again that they are excellent at delivering world class solutions in the space. Very excited that they join the ve-Game!

[BIP-70] Authorize the Batch Relayer v4

I voted yes. - Another important infrastructure vote, expanding the batch relayer functionality.

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[BIP-71] Enable wstETH/weth Gauge [Arbitrum]

I voted yes. - Yield bearing asset pools are the new cool - both for LPs and the DAO treasury.

[BIP-72] Enable wstETH/USDC Gauge [Arbitrum]

I voted yes - Same as above

[BIP-73] Whitelist the gauge for the USDD/FRAX/USDC Pool to receive BAL emissions

I voted no - Very simple reasoning: I see USDD as a high risk asset and low to no value for the DAO.

[BIP-74] Fund the Balancer Maxis for Q4 2022

I abstained - I am an applicant in this proposal

[BIP-75] Orb Marketing Budget Proposal for Q4

I abstained - I abstain from any SP proposals because of my role as a community board member of the Balancer Foundation

[BIP-76] Balancer Grants Budget Proposal Q4 2022

I abstained - I am an applicant in this proposal

[BIP-77] Friendly Balancer Protocol Fees for Integrators

I voted yes. - I highly appreciate Fernandos initiative to set the stage here. Brings clarity for any product being built on top of Balancer.

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[BIP-78] Delegate Aave Holding to Llama

I voted yes. - Llama has proved to have aligned interests with the Balancer DAO. Great to see them stepping up in delegating Aave for Balancer.

[BIP-79] Enable COMP/wstETH Gauge [Ethereum]

I voted yes. - In theory, only yield bearing ETH pool variants should be used in the future. Win win for the protocol and LPs.

[BIP-80] Enable bb-rf-asUSD/bb-rf-aUSD Gauge [Optimism]

I voted yes. - Another example of coordinated innovation between Reaper and Beethoven-X teams. They constantly ship!

[BIP-81] Enable wstETH/bb-rf-aUSD/bb-rf-aWBTC 50/25/25 Gauge [Optimism]

I voted yes. - See BIP-80.

[BIP-82] Enable bb-rf-aWETH/wstETH Gauge [Optimism]

I voted yes. - See BIP-80.


[BIP-83] Enable DOLA/bb-a-USD Gauge [Ethereum]

I voted yes. - Great to see the INV frens getting involved and setting up a nice gauge with a yield bearing token. Good for them and hopefully good for us.


[BIP-84] Revoke Hexagon’s Friendly Fork Status

I voted yes. - The interested reader can get all the necessary info from our forum discussions. I am glad that somebody else within the community brought up this topic. Balancer is a high quality product and so should its friendly-forks live up to a certain standard, which was not met in this case. Simply protecting the Balancer brand here.

[BIP-85] Redeem TRIBE

I voted yes. - Kudos to the people involved in wrapping up the last step in the Tribe saga.

[BIP-86] Enable bb-rf-aUSDC/bb-rf-aUSDT/bb-rf-aDAI Gauge [Optimism]

I voted yes. - I am super excited about such Optimism gauges. Real innovation happening! Yield bearing token pools (and gauges) are the new cool in 2022 DeFi!

[BIP-87] Enable rETH/bb-rf-aUSD/rf-grain-OP 50/25/25 Gauge [Optimism]

I voted yes. - see BIP-86.

[BIP-88] Enable rETH/BEETS/bb-rf-aUSD/bb-rf-grBAL Gauge w/2% emissions cap [Optimism]

I voted yes. - see BIP-86. Only addition: as per framework capped at 2%

[BIP-89] Enable wstETH/bb-a-usd Gauge [Ethereum]

I voted yes. - see BIP-86.

[BIP-90] Enable rETH/bb-a-usd Gauge [Ethereum]

I voted yes. - The ultimate combo. No way anybody is farming with non-yield bearing tokens, right?

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[BIP-91] Temporarily Adjust Optimism Fee Split

I voted yes. - The recent market situation has been dire. Not many users of the protocol know this but Beethoven-X devs have been constantly shipping and also collaborating with Balancer Labs and Opco as well as Orb engineers. Only fair to give them a breather!

[BIP-92] Deploy Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools to BNB Chain

I voted yes. - As I posted in the forum I do not expect too many great things from this but I am happy to be convinced otherwise as I am not a fan of the rather centralized BNB chain.

[BIP-93] Enable BADGER/rETH 50/50 Gauge [Ethereum] w/10% emissions cap

I voted no. - Badger bros try to do what is best for them but sometimes forgetting what is best for the protocol. They have been shipping interesting products like graviAura which I think is very cool. Yet they requested another gauge while not sacrificing the other redundant gauges is not the right way to do it IMO. It feels more like max. value extraction to me as of now.

[BIP-94] Enable wstETH/LDO Gauge [Arbitrum]

I voted yes. - Lido is an important partner we need to keep close. Very thankful on how the partnership is shaping up.

[BIP-95] Enable wstETH/LDO Gauge [Optimism]

I voted yes. - See BIP-94

[BIP-96] Enable palStkAAVE/AAVE 80/20 Gauge w/ 2% emissions cap [Ethereum]

I voted yes. - Not too familiar with Paladin but giving them a shot here as they stay withing the core pool guidelines.

[BIP-97] Enable IB/rETH 50/50 Gauge w/2% emissions cap[Optimism]

I voted yes. - So far I voted for IB pools as they are a nice liquidity driver on OP. Let’s observe how it shapes up.

[BIP-98] Fjord (Formerly Copper) and Balancer Exclusive Partnership

I voted yes. - The Maxis (and myself included) had many meetings with Fjord to find a balanced approach. At first, I was absolutely against funding this proposal as I don’t see any value extraction for the DAO in the NFT market space. However, the Fjord team worked hard on making a proposal that puts this one in a “loan” kind of situation and we should get our principal back. So worth giving it a shot. Who knows, NFTs might be cool again in 2023!

[BIP-99] Pay DAO Multisig Stipends for H2 ‘22

I voted yes. - Stay close to your hardware wallet and TG / Discord anon and thanks for your service!

[BIP-100] Allocate BAL Liquidity to Silo Finance

I voted yes. - Another protocol trying to innovate and build on top of Balancer.

[BIP-101] Enable tetuQi/QI Stable Pool Gauge with 2% emissions cap (Polygon)

I voted no. - EDIT: switched to no from yes after further investigation. This gauge has as of the voting a very malicious amp factor set. The Tetu Stable pool is also dangerously configured. Humpy et al took full control of the tetu gauge and could use Qi as additional exit liquidity. Another cat and mouse play here.

[BIP-102] Enable the THX/stMATIC Gauge on Polygon with 2% cap

I voted yes. - I know that THX really wants this gauge to happen so let’s see how much BAL they can capture. Welcome aboard.

[BIP-103] Karpatkey Balancer Treasury CU Proposal Update

I voted yes. - Another proposal that has been internally discussed extensively. We also had a few meetings with the team to discuss the best approach. Similar to the Fjord proposal, the first iteration was not acceptable for me. I am glad that we took the time to find middle ground here. Treasury management is a sensitive topic and one can argue that we didn’t do much or anything at all with our funds so far. I have a good feeling that the Karpatkey team can help us get some more value extracted out of our funds while staying true to our principals (not selling BAL, not overexposing with competitors). Excited to see what they will do with our treasury funds!


[BIP-103] Karpatkey Balancer Treasury CU Proposal Update [second vote]

Vote: YES. - I already voted yes on the first vote. Lessons learned here is that we need to better and more openly communicate if Maxis or others engage with proposers like this. After also keeping larger stakeholders in the loop things were pretty clear.

[BIP-104] Enable the STG/bb-rf-aUSDC Gauge [Optimism]

Vote: YES. - Stargate is shaping up to be an important partner for Balancer. In full support.

[BIP-105] Enable STG/bb-a-USD Gauge [Ethereum]

Vote: YES. - See above.

[BIP-106] Enable sfrxETH/wstETH/rETH Gauge [Ethereum]

Vote: YES. - Pools like this one are great for LPs and even better for the DAO. Also keep in mind that such pools have the potential to generate lots of trading activity (and fees) for both LPs and the DAO. Yield bearing tokens are the future IMO as incentives are a finite way of attracting liquidity.

[BIP-107] Retire TEMPLE/DAI & Enable TEMPLE/bb-a-USD 50/50 Gauge w/10% emissions cap [Ethereum]

Vote: YES. - I was not too engaged in the discussions but I can support TEMPLE bros efforts.

[BIP-108] Enable SD/MaticX 80/20 Gauge with 2% emissions cap (Polygon)

Vote: YES. - Stader is another important partner for the Balancer ecosystem. In full support!

[BIP-109] Whitelist Aragon Gnosis Safe for Balancer’s VotingEscrow

Vote: YES. - The more parties get involved in Balancer’s governance, the more decentralized we become. Clear move to a yes.

[BIP-110] Enable T/WETH 80/20 Gauge w/2% emissions cap [Ethereum]

Vote: YES. - A 2% capped gauge is very reasonable. Let’s see how much traction we can get with this pool.

[BIP-111] Index Coop x Balancer DAO Partnership

Vote: YES. - This partnership is very important for Balancer. Many parties have invested significant development and other resources (in particular Orb Collective). I understand that certain parties don’t like this “exclusive” partnership but it is a logical step forward and Managed Pools are a product that clearly separates us from the competition.

[BIP-112] Adjust Balancer Snapshot for Aura AIP-17

Vote: YES. - Pretty much a no brainer to stabilize governance overall.

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[BIP-113] Adjust Balancer Snapshot for Aura AIP-17

Vote: YES. - Same rationale as with the previous round. There have been extensive discussions about this topic on the forum. In the end it boiled down to the following: I rather have Aura fix their double voting like this and then run all other votes instead of letting them double vote and create chaos in the community. That’s also why we withheld all other votes until now. I hope the community appreciates our effort to stabilize governance. But in the end it’s up to veBAL holders to decide what happens next.


[BIP-114] Symmetric as the Official Friendly Fork of Balancer on Celo

Vote: YES. - Well, I gave them a chance but the community decided otherwise. Sorry for them as it has been a painful process

[BIP-115] Balancer Smart Vaults Fee Collector

Vote: YES. - Any task that can be automated in a permissionless manner is a must. I am very pleased that this proposal passed. We can make sure that fee collection works independent of king @solarcurve who executed it until now

[BIP-116] Enable TETU/USDC 80/20 Gauge w/2% emissions cap (Polygon)

Vote: YES. - The TETU team is shipping interesting products, so it’s only reasonable to give this gauge a pass.

[BIP-117] Holdr Friendly Fork Proposal

Vote: YES. - I haven’t followed this friendly fork too closely but they provided a thorough proposal and I didn’t identify any issues as of writing this post.

[BIP-118] Appointment of director to the Balancer Foundation

Vote: ABSTAIN. - I myself am a director and therefore abstained. Welcome on board Danko :handshake:

[BIP-119] Adding a Gauge for the New qETH/ETH Pool [Ethereum]

Vote: YES. - I love yield bearing tokens as they drive revenue for the protocol. A clear yes.

[BIP-120] Cleanup Unused Gauges

Vote: YES. - Very important but must also be followed through by the front-end team :slight_smile:

[BIP-121] Permission granting - Recovery Mode

Vote: YES. - Essential infrastructure vote.

[BIP-122] Retire OHM/DAI/WETH Gauge & Add OHM-ETH + OHM-DAI Gauges [Ethereum]

Vote: YES. - I am very happy that the OHM community entrusts such large liquidity in Balancer tech. Bullish!

[BIP-123] Enable cbETH/wstETH Gauge [Ethereum]

Vote: YES. - Same reason as BIP-119

[BIP-125] Enable wstETH/ACX 50/50 Gauge [Ethereum]

Vote: YES. - A potentially great partnership in the making.

[BIP-126] Whitelist Fjord’s Gnosis Safe for Balancer’s VotingEscrow

Vote: YES. - Self-explanatory as Fjord is now an important partner of Balancer.

[BIP-127] Adding a Gauge for the New qETH/ETH Pool w/2% emissions cap [Ethereum]

Vote: YES. - Same as BIP-119. I understand the previous concerns though.

[BIP-128] Peace Treaty

Vote: YES. - Wow, what can I say here. I am so happy that an agreement was found. Let’s focus on BUIDLing so we are ready for the next bull market and beyond!

[BIP-129] Swap BAL for USDC using Aave’s Bonding Contract

Vote: YES. - I think most community members know by now that I am one of the few members that actively pushes the narrative to make our service provider funding model sustainable. Well, we are at a tough spot and hard decisions need to be made. This is an obvious option although I don’t want to sell BAL. Let’s hope we can get the fee machine running more so we don’t have to sell any more BAL in late 2023.

[BIP-130] Kill FDT/WETH Gauge

Vote: YES. - Bye bye.

[BIP-131] Pool/Factory permission granting

Vote: YES. - Part of the essential role-based access control for Balancer infrastructure.

[BIP-132] Claim SAFE tokens allocated to the DAO Multisig

Vote: YES. - Had to be done in time, otherwise tokens are lost. Let’s see Karpatkey ship.

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[BIP - 133] Enable BRZ-jBRL Stable Pool Gauge with a 2% cap (Polygon)

Vote: YES. - Polygon, the chain of capped microcaps. Seems ok.

[BIP - 134] Enable BRZ-jBRL - bb-am-usd 50/50 Pool Gauge with a 2% cap (Polygon)

Vote: YES. - Polygon, the chain of capped microcaps. Seems ok.

[BIP-135] Grant BLabs authorization to set arbitrum bridging fees

Vote: YES. - Infrastructure vote

[BIP-136] Unused Gauges Cleanup - Take 2

Vote: YES. - Infrastructure vote

[BIP-137] Enable bb-a-TUSD / bb-a-USD Gauge [Ethereum]

Vote: YES. - Maybe a gauge with some interesting traction.

[BIP-138] Enable bb-a-FRAX / bb-a-USDC Gauge [Ethereum]

Vote: YES. - FRAX might become rather big in the future.

[BIP-139] Update Emergency subDAO Permissions

Vote: YES. - Infrastructure and security vote.

[BIP-140] Introduce TimelockAuthorizer

Vote: YES. - Infrastructure and security vote.

[BIP-141] Introduce VeBoost V2

Vote: YES. - Cross-chain boosting will be pretty awesome!

[BIP-142] Permission Granting - Recovery Mode - ComposableStable-V2

Vote: YES. - Infrastructure vote.

[BIP-143] Save. Earn. Borrow w/BalancerP2P (includes: licensing fees, increased LP activity, new product, more engagement)

Vote: No. - You can read my comments on why I think this is not in line with Balancer products. We should not engage in any licensing fee schemes.

[BIP-144] Fund Balancer Grants Q1 2023

Vote: Abstain. - As a mentor I am directly applying for funding. Up to the community to decide if we are worthy.

[BIP-145] Fund the Balancer Maxis for Q1 2023

Vote: Abstain. - As a Maxi I am directly applying for funding. Up to the community to decide if we are worthy.

[BIP-146] Incentivize 8020 BPT Staking (ve8020)

Vote: YES. - Might get some traction on top of making Balancer the ve-DAO place to be.