Unlock Wallet button keeps spinning around

I am just trying to transfer funds for an active ICO however the “Unlock Wallet” option simply doesn’t work. Any quick suggestions? The wallet is Metamask and the browser is Chrome.

Kind Regards
Murat C.

I have previously used this wallet to transfer funds from both ETH (ERC 20) networks as well as Binance Smart Chain Network. This means there are no issues with the addresses. Have you ever come across such a weird situation where the “Unlock button” keeps spinning around for more than 20 minutes. Actually where can I get additional information?

Here is a screenshot.Unlock_Button_doesnt_work

After some browser debugging I found out that another browser extension was causing the problem so I have disabled this one to be used in the site that I am having problems with and the issue seems to be solved.

What I have learned from this is to minimize the use of other browser extensions before any operation like ICO/IPO and always make use that you have given permission to the Metamask browser extension for all sites. Otherwise you can’t even see your preloaded tokens in the Metamask Browser.