Unbelievable gas fees ! $400 gas fee!

unbelievable gas fees! ! image|690x388

Hi there. I am new here. I am interested in what you posted as for the last few weeks, gas has been really high.

However, i believe theres a plan to combat this problem and recently went to to voting. Can someone confirm if txns like above are covered in the proposal?


No, transactions like the above are not covered. This is a liquidity addition, whereas we are covering gas costs for trades through the exchange. Liquidity provision is already incentivized via liquidity mining.


Thank you for the quick clarification!

I hear you. I really want to be a lp but being charged $495 for a single trade is ridiculous. I’ve never been a fan of Ethereum from the very beginning when vitalik ruined the bitcoin convention. Eth is nothing but problems. There are plenty of better blockchains that can be used and I feel that those that stick with the antiquated eth blockchain will be left in the trash heap of blockchain history.

Only time will tell. Thank you for your concerns.

I sure hope for the best being that I purchased 10,000 bal last week.