$GASPAY gas back on fees

i made a small investment in a new startup called $GASPAY you get gas back on staked rewards. you guys know way more than me is something that would give value to the balancer pools as individual added on’s or as something that could be built into pools.
i got my first GAS back today so it works

looks like it was a con , they have gone offline and the team is selling shares . oh well lost a small bit cash . if it worked it would be ace

Sorry to hear that, Sir.
It’s a shame that some people will spend their whole life trying to steal hard working peoples money.
I wouldn’t be able look at myself in the mirror or sleep at night.
Looks like they have a UNI pool I saw on etherscan.
So maybe it’s not a complete loss . :+1:
May you be blessed with good luck in the future.

Hello admin. Hope you are doing great. I have done a few swaps during the last two days swapping ETH for DAI and DAI for Hopr. Am I eligible to get part of the gas fees back as BAL tokens? If I am eligible what would be the procedure to get the BAL tokens? kind regards. Camilo

ETH-DAI swaps are eligible, but HOPR swaps are not. If you made some ETH-DAI swaps this week, then check this page next Wednesday (March 3) to find your claimable BAL: Balancer

Хотелось бы получить комиссию обратно .за несовершённый своп . Почему сняли коммиссию ? своп не завершили …

For clarity it looks like eth to weth isn’t eligible :joy:

ETH to WETH isn’t a Balancer swap; it just calls the WETH contract to wrap ETH directly. That operation is very cheap and does not qualify as a “swap” for the reimbursement program.

Just testing it out and it didn’t hurt to try.