SWAP fullfilled at 3.5x quoted price?

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and participated in the XEND LBP sale on 3/22.
I bought 4307 USDC worth of XEND token at the strike price of .58 XEND/USDC.

I was expecting to receive around 8000/XEND in my wallet shortly afterwords.

I checked my wallet to see 2389 XEND paid out. Am I missing something?

I verified on Etherscan to see that Balancer converted my tranaction as:

4307USDC → 2389XEND

This means my order was filled at 1.89 XEND/USDC instead of .58 XEND/USDC a few mintues later.

This is 3x my strike price!

This differential cost me $1700+ as XEND/USDC is nowhere near 1.89.

Someone please help explain or I can’t afford to do business on Balancer after this…