[RFC] Linear pool hack restitution

Guys, a brand is not built in moments of highs, in happy and abundant moments, a brand is consolidated and gains people’s respect in moments of adversity. A brand truly shows its greatness, in its crisis management, in the way it responds to failure. Empathy is a virtue that few brands possess. Therefore, I ask for empathy from all of you so that the refund can be made in the amount of 100%; Furthermore, the most affected pool was a StableCoin Pool, it was not a risky pool. In my specific case, I looked for an old and renowned protocol in the crypto universe (balancer), an ultra conservative pool (stables only) and so I relaxed. Accidents happen and I’m sure that returning 100% is the right attitude (in my case, you don’t even need to return everything at once, if you have a monthly disbursement schedule, in installments, everything would be perfect) This makes it good for everyone. Thanks guys, much love for U!