[RFC] Deploy Balancer to Humanode EVM to enable crypto-biometric quadratic LP staking

Crypto-biometric Sybil-resistant quadratic LP staking

“Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut.” - Alfred Ritter


Humanode network’s next upgrade brings EVM-compatibility to the chain as early as August, 2023. We consider Balancer to be the ultimate layer for deploying composable solutions. By combining Balancer’s DeFi infra and Humanode’s private biometric Sybil-resistance we can give an ability to create first ever Private Biometric DeFi.

To put it simply - apps that would deploy through Balancer on Humanode EVM would have an ability to conduct private biometric verification of their users to know that they are interacting with the same unique person, but at the same time know nothing about the person as their biometric data is safeguarded by our infra (so called crypto-biometrics). It opens up a multitude of possibilities from uncollateralized loan schemes and insurance to non-linear reward schemes.


Humanode is the first crypto-biometric network where one human = one node. Instead of PoW or PoS, Humanode is built on Proof-Of-Uniqueness and Proof-of-Existence of human beings. To deploy a node a validator must go through a private biometric session that verifies his uniqueness and existence through computer vision. Human nodes share the fees and ownership of the network in an equal manner. The crypto biometric scheme powers not only validators but any other services and layers who are willing to integrate private decentralized biometrics seamlessly.

Some facts:

  • Nakomoto coefficient: ~150
  • Human nodes: ~300
  • Verified unique humans: ~220,000
  • Average biometric session time: 6.5 sec
  • Mainnet deployed Nov, 2022, zero outages.

Biometric LP Staking

Using confidential Sybil-resistance we can make sure that one person can stake LP tokens only with one address and scale the LP rewards non-linearly depending on the amount of LP tokens. Giving more in APY% to small holders and less to huge market makers. The goal is to onboard not only TVL but a lot of smaller LPs.

There is a user base of 220k humans who used our tech for verification during the last 3 months to pull into a new protocol. As the first step, we expect it to become the main staking venue since our consensus does not require stake from validators. The next step will be onboarding other projects to the novel LP staking scheme.

Here is a draft model of how quadratic rewards will look like:

Besides calculating square roots of liquidity provider’s share in the pool we limit the APY with the lower and upper boundary. The upper limit disincentives sock puppeting while the lower one gives confidence to large LPs that they will not lose due to impermanent loss.

Explore the quadratic LP staking model here: Quadratic LP Staking Draft by Humanode - Google Sheets


July: Humanode EVM testnet running.


  • Humanode EVM mainnet launch;
  • On-chain confidential biometric verification;
  • The Humanode team will deploy Balancer on testnet to make the Balancer team mainnet deployment smoother.

UPD: many people asked how biometrics would work, you can try it now with our Discord integration https://twitter.com/humanode_io/status/1661818777997283328
The same confidential facial recognition is currently used to verify on-chain validators.