Proxy contract paid gas fees what is the purpose

I am relatively new here. I was observing BAL for a while and now decided to add some liquidity to the new Smart Pool AMPL/USDC.
However, I don’t understand the fees structure. First I have to pay like $12 on fees to create a Proxy, claiming that it would save me gas fees in the future.
Then I paid the token unlock fees, which is normal.
But then when adding liquidity I still had to pay again $12 in fees.
My question is, what is then the purpose of the Proxy?

Other platforms like Uniswap don’t have this expensive proxy and still small users can deposit small amounts of liquidty.
With this structure of BAL right now, it is impossible that you guys get a lot of liquidity influx like Uniswap does.

yeah can explain what is this proxy fee and is this needed everytime i stake and unstake ? what other fee is needed , approve , unlock ?
When unlock what’s the fee ?