[Proposal] Whitelist Tracer DAO's Treasury Management Fund in Balancer VotingEscrow


This proposal aims to whitelist Tracer DAO’s ‘Treasury Management Fund’ (TMF) in Balancer’s VotingEscrow contract to allow for the TMF to lock BAL (80/20 BAL/ETH) to participate in Balancer’s governance and direction of BAL emissions toward the Balancer ecosystem participants.


Tracer DAO is a decentralised derivatives infrastructure platform that aims to provide a product suite of capital efficient, risk management tools for communities. On behalf of Tracer DAO, we are appreciative of the relationship that has been cultivated with the Balancer community to date, particularly for facilitating the secondary market liquidity of our ‘Perpetual Pools’ v1 product. To date, this has facilitated a total volume of ~$122.5m in trades.

Tracer DAO is currently working on a ‘v2’ of the Perpetual Pools financial contract which will be approximately launched within the next month. Tracer will continue to utilise Balancer as an ecosystem partner to provide secondary market liquidity.

Tracer DAO’s TMF (multisig address) currently owns ~$158k staked in the BAL/ETH 80/20 pool on Balancer V2. If this proposal is successful, the TMF will be locking its holdings of BAL to gain access to veBAL to direct rewards toward Perpetual Pools secondary markets on Balancer, as well as towards the TCR/DAI pool on Balancer.


The Tracer DAO team team comprises of a globally distributed team ranging from experiences within DeFi, Tradfi and the blockchain data infrastructure layer. Additionally, we are joined by a strong array of Strategic Partners and Advisors.

Tracer DAO has partaken in audits from Sigma Prime, Runtime Verification, Spearbit/Secureum, Certik and is planning on conducting further audits with other top tier firms.

Proposal specification

If this proposal is successful, the Balancer multisig will whitelist the Tracer Treasury Management Fund address (0x95E8C5a56ACc8064311d79946c7Be87a1e90d17f) to be able to lock BAL (80/20 BAL/ETH) to participate in Balancers veBAL model. The Balancer team would manually review this contract before whitelisting.


Tracer DAO website: https://tracer.finance/

Tracer DAO Treasury Management Fund remit: https://discourse.tracer.finance/t/proposal-40-treasury-management-fund-functional-sub-dao/1046

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Tracer contributor here. We also plan on building additional features on our protocol using Balancer pools. We are Balancer fans to say the least.