Proposal: Move DUSD(DefiDollar) tier from cap1 to cap2 ($1m to $3m)


As outlined in the whitelisting process, this is a proposal to increase the DUSD(DefiDollar) capFactor from cap1 to cap2 ($1M -> $3M).

The Proposal

This is a proposal to increase the DUSD cap tier from cap1 to cap2. DUSD balancer pool currently has >$2.4.M in liquidity and has surpassed its $1M cap by quite a margin.

DefiDollar provides users with exposure to a stablecoin index and aims to become a stablecoin aggregator that provides protection against volatility and access to yield rewards from underlying protocols.

What is DUSD?

DUSD is a stablecoin index which currently has exposure to the following stabelcoins: DAI,USDT,USDC and TUSD via the Curve yPool and deploys collateral in the yVault to generate yield for the protocol participants.

We are planning to add a peak that provides access to decentralized stablecoins( DAI & sUSD) by leveraging a Balancer Smart Pool.

You can read more about the vision and future plan of action here.

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What is the link to this pool? I can’t find DUSD

You can find it here:

I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t vote for this. A solid project based on providing more stability to a basket of stable coin based assets, along with income. They leverage the balancer platform almost exclusively, and have plans to roll out a smart pool and have Balancer continue to be the primary liquidity platform. Why would we not welcome these types of well run, non-scammy projects to continue to add AUM to the BAL platform?. The DUSD pool has increased 300pct in the last 2 weeks (now almost $5M vs the $2M quoted in the proposal), and is seeing a nice uptick in swap volume. And unlike Cream, they aren’t trying to compete with Balancer in anyway.

It’s this one