[Proposal] Increase DEFI+L capTier from cap1 to cap2 ($1M -> $3M)

As outlined in the updated whitelisting process, this is a proposal to increase the DEFI+L capTier from cap1 to cap2 ($1M β†’ $3M).

The Proposal

The total adjusted liquidity of DEFI+L has surpassed $3M, well over the imposed cap of $1M. The cap should be raised in order to distribute a more equal share of BAL tokens to DEFI+L pools via liquidity mining.

What is DEFI+L?

DEFI+L is the most popular and liquid pie from PieDAO, a creator of tokenized ETFs which was among the earliest builders of Balancer smart pools. Blue chips only. DEFI+L represents DeFi’s biggest and best. Like all our pies DEFI+L actively rebalances, constantly locking in profits as market prices fluctuate.

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