Proposal: Invest in the Erebus Launchpad as Strategic Partner

Hey everyone, I’ve got a proposal I’d like to share with you all, that being investing in an upcoming launchpad called Erebus. I’ve got the standard template loaded up for you guys, so without further adue…

#Balancer statistics portal grant proposal

I propose investing in the Erebus launchpad / ANGEL token before it hits the open market, based on the team, the vision, and the quality of the writing.

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, Erebus is an experimental launchpad / art project being developed for the pulse chain that utilizes their native ANGEL token to power the ecosystem.

It’s different from other launchpads in that it’s also a story AND an NFT line that’s also going to develop merch - all of which will be purchasable only with ANGEL token. It helps to think of them as being a little like Star Wars (In that merch is where the big money is)

So many reasons.

A. It will be one of the first launchpads on the Pulse chain, which has a substantial user base, all of whom adore pulse (because who wouldn’t like the guy who just made them millionaires?)

B. It perfectly marries crypto with the real world, and has ways of monetizing outside of just selling tokens.

C. If you’re going to sell merchandise by creating a story, you need a compelling one. Erebus has exactly that. Read through the Choose-your-own-adventure novel preview and the “meet the erebus angels” sections of the whitepaper, and you’ll see what I mean.

D. It will also help build interest in the Balancer protocol.

Timeline and milestones with requested payment schedule in BAL (subject to vesting) or DAI/USDC

November 2021
$50,000 USDC
Presale / phase 1:
Art creation, marketing, and bug testing.

Note: At this point in time, the ANGEL token code & the app code are both written (though both do currently require more testing to ensure security). The current bottleneck is a lack of artists.

This amount will allow for the hiring of 5 artists who will bring the NFT line to life, pay for the development of 2 separate commercials, and provide necessary funding for marketing.

This initial advertising push will be for a presale which will determine the overall health of Erebus, and establish it as a viable product. No additional funds will be needed beyond this point, as Erebus is a working product.

January 2022:
NFT line finished, launch coincides with the release of the Pulse mainnet (expected to be early 2022, or potentially sooner.)

From here on, stories are released regularly, merchandise is purchased by fans, projects are promoted on the launchpad (some of which build off of Erebus, of course.) and everyone has a good time.


The project will be open source under MIT license and will be publicly available at this address on the release:

Currently, the whitepapers are available at: An Introduction to the world of Erebus - Erebus World and An Introduction to the Erebus Angels - Erebus Angels


Role: Lead Developer / Project Manager
Some guy with good writing skills and the ability to bake really good shortbread cookies. Seems like he was sent by Angels to deliver us from an Angel-less existence.