[Proposal] Infinity Wallet $BAL Integration

Infinity Wallet Balancer integration grant proposal

Integration of Balancer token into the Infinity Wallet and website current and future features.


Proposal to integrate Balancer token into current and future Infinity Wallet features and distribute BAL to Infinity Wallet users via giveaways/airdrops.
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Infinity Wallet features:

  • Multi-asset decentralized finance wallet, take control of your keys and privacy.
  • Crafted to ensure the best user experience with a professional animated and user friendly UI.
  • Create and manage multiple local user accounts, allowing multiple self-custodial wallets per account, with support for cold creation.
  • One of the first desktop wallets to connect with defi platforms and dapps directly, for easy and secure signing within the wallet.
  • Manage all your digital assets securely in one platform without the need for multiple wallets.
  • Send/Receive and monitor multiple coins and their historical balances after each transaction.
  • Generate easy to use payment or donation requests and share them through a decentralized link to receive payments directly to your wallet.
  • Monitor your crypto portfolio, earnings, transactions and much more with graphical portfolio tracking for combined or individual digital assets.
  • One click swapping between supported digital assets, making swapping easy even for novice crypto users, saving users time and money.
  • Get all the latest crypto news from global sources directly within the wallet.
  • Monitor the market with stats and information for thousands of digital assets and exchanges directly within your wallet.
  • Set alerts so you don’t miss price movements on any of your digital assets.
  • Infinity Beacons communication platform built for coin/token teams to directly connect and engage with their communities and potential investors within the wallet.
  • Easy desktop QR scanning feature, just drag the scanner window over the QR code to scan.
  • Multiple themes, languages and currencies supported, including custom themes.
  • Multiple security options to enhance wallet security.
  • Address book to easily manage contacts.
  • Easy exporting of transaction history.
  • With much more planned for the future such as hardware wallet, fiat and debit card integrations.


  • Connect with a wider community and distribute BAL further through giveaways/airdrops to Infinity Wallet users.
  • Self-custodial storage for BAL with your other coins/tokens in the same wallet.
  • Easily send and receive BAL via decentralized payment requests with an encoded link that can be shared directly or on social media, via QR scanning or wallet address.
  • Exchange to/from BAL at a click of a button within the wallet.
  • Connect your Infinity Wallet with the Balancer exchange directly.
  • Track your BAL historical portfolio and market stats.
  • Set price alerts for BAL price movements.
  • Keep up to date with notifications direct from the Balancer team within the wallet.


September 2020:
$BAL integrated to Infinity Wallet and website

Grant amount requested:
600 BAL vesting



Infinity Wallet is the ultimate all-in-one decentralised financial application for mobile and desktop, where the user has full control of their digital assets and keys. Enabling users to hold, send, monitor, view news, coins stats, exchange, interact with DEFI protocols and platforms and much more, with their digital assets in a secure environment. The entire platform has been designed and engineered specifically for the best possible user experience, in a fully decentralized and secure environment.

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I would like to see bal integrated into more platforms for use to grow the ecosystem and would be good to do balancer airdrops similar to stellar with platforms like exchanges and wallet would be really beneficial to get known more easier for bal so good idea I like it.

You can now connect to Balancer.exchange with the Infinity Wallet on desktop to easily swap or manage your liquidity, in a more secure desktop environment without using a mobile device or browser extension.

Looking forward to hear back about the go ahead for the rest of the proposed integrations.

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With confirmation details in the wallet before signing.

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Wow this is sick really innovative now this is something that deserves a grant. You could potentially further develop this out couldn’t you for others to use and contribute to?

Why is this project not on this list? Summary - Batch #1 of Ecosystem Fund Grants