[Proposal] Activate Sourcecred Program

As some may recall, governance approved sourcecred under this vote Snapshot but the integration was never completed. Someone from sourcecred reached out to me recently and has gotten it nearly ready to use. The final piece of the puzzle is approving compensation for the team responsible for maintaining it.


You can read the previous vote for some context but this generally fits in with our goal of rewarding ground floor community contributors. It will be as simple as a Baller or Balancer Labs employee dropping a certain emoji on a community member’s discord message and that person will earn a small amount of BAL (one example).

From what I have been told, maintaining the sourcecred instance has social, administrative, IT, accounting, and transactional components. There will be a team of people responsible for handling all of this. They are requesting 150-200 BAL per month.


It has been suggested internally that we apply a period of time to this rather than leaving it open ended. Thus, I propose an 8 week trial period where the ecosystem fund will allocate 50 BAL per week to rewarding contributors (same as previous vote) and allocate 150 BAL per month to the sourcecred team for expenses. At the conclusion of the trial period, governance will vote again to continue or not and at what rates. The 8 week period will begin once everything is in place which should be soon after this vote passes but can’t commit to a hard date at this time.

Total spend: 50 BAL x 8 weeks = 400 BAL for contributors
150 BAL x 2 months = 300 BAL for sourcecred team

  • Yes, fund this
  • No, do not fund this

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