Pools with BAL: do all of them get 1.5x liquidity mining rewards?

SO far, reading this forum, i get that pools with the BAL tokens gets a 1.5x boost in liquidity mining.

I am not sure if this is the case for ANY pool that includes BAL, or if there are other requisites, like only 2 pairs (i.e. BAL/ETH).

specifically i am in this pool, does it get the 1.5x boost? --> 0x594415978a756c5b02eabdff98d867cdda65e888

No one responded to you yet and I agree the info is a little unclear. As far as I understand, any pool with BAL token will be 1.5x as balfactor. There are other factors that could reduce the reward but balfactor =1.5x. Nothing that I know of about only 2 coins in a balancer pool.