Org Chart Request

Hopefully a small one and if this already exists then even better, but as we go through funding and think about how the different SPs interact it would be very helpful to have an org chart for the DAO. A view of which SPs and contributors are doing what and how they interact with each other (or should). I think SP isolation is a big inefficiency but perhaps we [the DAO] can help coordinate. As resource allocators and contributor coordinators, I think this is important/helpful for us.

Possible to get this from los maxis please?

Hi there ser @John_TV_Locke

I threw something together to give you a better idea.

Disclaimer: this is my interpretation and others are invited to chime in here as we don’t have an offical chart:

  • We are a collective of SPs and the Balancer foundation.
  • The foundation hosts the OpCo as a subsidiary. The newly formed SP around Three Rocks is situated around OpCo for admin reasons.
  • Furthermore, we have the ecosystem council consisting of members / leaders from all SPs that regularly meet and align the DAOs vision.

Hope that helps.


Hey @John_TV_Locke thanks for the callout. I believe visual aid is good, but we must be careful, so it’s not misleading. An org chart might look like a conglomerate of centralized entities and/or be misinterpreted.

I’ve been working on onboarding members to the DAO for more than a year now, and understand people’s frustration trying to get a sense of what Balancer has become during its progressive decentralization process. It’s kinda messy, tbh (as DAOs often are). But although an org chart can help a newcomer, it’s not meaningful enough to map the (constantly shifting) DAO structure of contributors and interactions. Maxis act as facilitators to those interactions to the best of our abilities, helping facilitate the navigation.

Either way, I’ll give it a go as well using Sobol, to see if I can map it a bit better and share it here (if it works).


I totally respect your concern here.

We should pick a different name, perhaps DAO Operations Chart or DAO SP Interaction Map. Or others.

The top of any “org chart” would be the hundreds of veBAL lockers :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay, this was on my backlog and I worked a little more on it. It’s still not 100% accurate and still can be misleading, but would give a sense of different roles (solid purple) and service providers (transparent circles).

The main coordination tool between all these actors would be the Ecosystem Council, where team leaders join to discuss broader ecosystem strategies.


This is pretty cool @Danko8383 - thanks for making this viz!

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seconded, this is terrific!

The goal of understanding the different SPs and roles is to create alignment and coordination of the SPs. The only leader or point of centralization is “The DAO” which we can define as veBAL holders/voters.

I think the more we can coordinate and align SPs, the more efficient and focussed they will operate to achieve the DAO’s goals. Certainly asks a lot of the DAO: to articulate those goals and then facilitate the execution of the different SPs. But no better community than this one to do it.

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