OpCo Product Team - October 2023 Update

A summary of design & development activity and KPIs for the OpCo product team in October 2023.


In October, our focus has been on a couple of new features and in general supporting the ecosystem in recovery operations after the exploit and DNS security incidents. In particular, we focussed on adding a way to collect user feedback so we can begin reporting on an NPS score in our KPIs and also setting up a claim submission UI so users can submit claims following the exploit described here. Below is a high-level list of the more significant work completed.

  • NPS user feedback system (#4340)
  • Optimism support (#4446)
  • Claim submission UI (#4382)
  • Movement of the balancer.fi domain to a new registrar for increased security.

In addition to the work above many minor improvements and bug fixes were made. For a more detailed breakdown of most of our work, you can browse the frontend repo releases page 1 - 2.


Below is a high-level list of design activities in August.

  • Design and front-end dev assistance for the launch of the NPS feedback widget.
  • Review and updates to all of the Balancer policies (e.g. Terms of use etc.).
  • UX/UI design concepts around the visualization of different pool types.
  • Research around Permit2 for a better token approval workflow.
  • Design system improvements to clean up the UI and for consistency across the site.


Transaction flow error-free rate (30d): 95.5%

= 1 - (‘fatal’ errors / total successful txs)

Where ‘fatal’ is a label applied to errors recorded in a transaction flow, and total successful txs are recorded via analytics events.


  • Ad blockers prevent error recording and analytics.
  • Some % errors are user/wallet-controlled errors that we haven’t excluded yet.
  • Total fatal errors: ~4,623 (prev. 4,404)
  • Total successful txs: ~103,643 (prev. 70,000)

This KPI has improved since last reported in September at 93.7%. We will continue to monitor and fix failed transaction issues to get this KPI as close to 100% as possible.

User satisfaction score (NPS): 51

Avg. time on site (30d): 1:50 (no change on previous 30d)

Note, that the Average Time on Site metric can be influenced by market conditions. For instance, we observe an increase in time spent on the site when the market is on the rise.

On October 30th we added an integration that allows us to collect feedback and generate an NPS score.

Although only active for a few days we have already seen 36 submissions resulting in an NPS score of 51. Taken from this article about what makes a good NPS score: “If your NPS is higher than 30, that would indicate that your company is doing great and has far more happy customers than unhappy ones.”. The data set is too small to give a useful KPI but it’s a starting point we can use for reference in next month’s report.

Lighthouse benchmark

Lighthouse is reporting a significant improvement in our performance metric, up from 54 in September. We don’t believe this is the result of any significant changes we have made and must be related to a change in how Lighthouse is measuring performance. The performance of the home page is similar or exactly the same as last month. The accessibility metric has also highlighted some minor issues which we will fix in November.

Note, Lighthouse scores can be relatively unreliable. However, for our purposes, they serve as useful benchmarks by highlighting any significant issues or improvements that may have been introduced.