Need Help With Proposal

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening All,

I was wondering if we can get some help regarding posting a proposal to move from cap1 to cap2.

A member from Telcoin team posted a proposal yesterday using a new username. However he got a message that his account is temporarily placed on hold. Username is TelcoinMike

I created a new account for myself today but I can reply to topics. Only difference is that I used twitter to create the account.

Is there something that TelcoinMike needs to do? We just want to make sure that we have followed the process correctly. Thanks again.

Off the top of my head, anyone should be able to post immediately after joining. At least, that’s how it worked when I first signed up. But I will speak to the forum administrator and see if there’s a problem of which I am unaware. Thanks for your patience.

Looks like we got it up: [Proposal] Increase TEL capTier from cap1 to cap2 ($1M -> $3M)

Thanks! So we just wait until this goes to voting? Sorry for all the questions.

Not a problem. I understand that a lot of this process isn’t very clear yet. We’ll be making big pushes with respect to the governance process as we move forward into V2 and beyond. Yes, for now, I am typically the one who sets up Snapshot votes. We can move forward as soon as you’d like, but the earliest that the changes can take effect is the start of the next liquidity mining period (00:00 UTC on Monday), which is why we typically run cap change votes toward the end of the week (Thursday or Friday to Sunday).

If you don’t have a strong opinion, I’ll just go ahead and set this up for the end of the week. You can inform your community to be prepared to vote. The starting date would be either Thursday or Friday, depending on how much else we have going on in governance at that time. If there are no other proposals, I will simply start it on Thursday, but if there is another proposal being built we will try to run the two votes simultaneously and it might take until Friday to finalize the other one and set them both up. For now, this is the only proposal for this week, but something else might pop up. Please do let me know if you’d like to proceed sooner.

Thanks. I will get back to you shortly

We are good to move forward with end of the week. Ill inform our community. Thanks again for all your help.

Sounds good, thanks.