Land, Labor and Capitol (LLC) tycoon game - Friendly Fork Proposal


This proposal seeks to gather Balancer community support and approval for Hellhound ( to launch and operate a new Balancer Friendly Fork on Dogechain, as part of in-game DeFi solution for a tycoon style game called Land, Labor and Capitol (LLC).


If approved, this proposal will result in:

  • Hellhound launching an officially recognized Balancer Friendly Fork on Dogechain
  • 4% of total supply provided to the BAL treasury, with a six month cliff followed by a two year linear vesting schedule
  • 1% of total supply provided as an airdrop to BAL holders
  • Co-marketing collaboration


Hellhound (HLH) is a yield optimiser on Dogechain and is an integral part of our up coming game called Land, Labor and Capitol (LLC). We aim to streamline use of DeFi as part of in-game experience and are deploying various protocols that will be utilised by individual players, guilds and also game’s treasury. (link -


Dogechain is a relatively new entrant and aims to further supercharge Dogecoin to bring crypto applications like NFTs, games, and DeFi to the Dogecoin community. The launch of Dogechain is a sign of market maturity and desire to be more than just a meme coin.

With this in mind, the idea behind this latest Friendly Fork proposal is to go beyond the typical integration. Instead, the aim is to utilise Balancer V2 technology and enable in-game use cases to be explored.

  • sample screen shot from an asset pack -

Now, more about the game. We are building a management/tycoon style game called “Land, Labor and Capitol” (LLC), there is land you can buy/sell, you can set up apartments and stores etc and make companies that can sell “stock” on the games own stock exchange. it merges investing and gameplay, everything is also based on fractional ownership, so you can buy fractions of apartment buildings or factories. All operated by individual players or under the “umbrella” of guilds. Guilds can get more creative and customise their own DeFi offering within their own managed “district”, creating further competition between different areas.

We feel a tycoon style game is perfect for DeFi legos, be that pools, launchpad, vaults, borrow/lend, NFTs and even bonds for in-game assets to offset the inflationary aspect. This is exactly where we feel Balancer can shine.

We are thinking about a hybrid server/chain system where you could access the game on the server through the chain. So operations like DAOs could manage their properties without having to delegate anything. Essentially our own “chain” that can be accessed from any chain. This would enable all sorts of DeFi strategies, and even allow us to expand to non contract chains like Bitcoin. We are also part of Saga innovators cohort - Saga and Netherworld DAO Strategic Partnership | by Rebecca Liao | Sagaxyz | Nov, 2022 | Medium.

HLH Supply and Distribution

The total supply of HLH is 1,000,000 HLH tokens. We propose, in a similar fashion to a previous Balancer friendly fork, Beethoven X, that 5% of the total supply of HLH should be allocated as follows:

  • 4% of total supply provided to the BAL treasury, with a six month cliff followed by a two year linear vesting schedule.
  • 1% of total supply provided as an airdrop to BAL holders

Friendly Fork Agreement

If accepted by the Governance process, this friendly fork will start effective immediately. There is no expiry date to the agreement; however, Balancer DAO is able to revoke this Friendly Fork agreement through their governance process.