Instructions - Please Read

Please include the following sections in your proposal:

  • Introduction/Abstract
  • Motivation
  • Risks (if applicable)
  • Specification (must be clear or the proposal will not go to a vote)

There is no minimum time required for discussion before a vote can proceed, but if you, the proposer, do not allow time for discussion and consensus to be reached there is a high likelihood your vote will fail to pass. Any failed vote should wait 30 days before re-submitting.

After you believe sufficient discussion has occurred, please reply to the thread signaling your desire to send the proposal to a vote. The Governance Council (solarcurve, zekraken, Mike B, Xeonus, mkflow) will vote that your proposal meets the standard of a “well-defined proposal”. Assuming a majority agree, your proposal will be posted to snapshot and a link provided in the forum thread.

Snapshot votes must last for three full days and reach a quorum of 100k veBAL with a majority voting in favor to be considered passed.