Better Governance Process communication for Balancer Dao


The current governance process documentation is rather difficult to navigate for any average DAO member. And I want to simplify that using Syncvote (this is a product I am building) - the platform specifically designed to streamline workflows, facilitate decision-making, and ensure that every member’s input is considered.


As a new member learning about Balancer governance process and wanting to make new proposal to the DAO, I find that the governance process is written in a lengthy document without any visualization, which makes it hard for DAO members to have a quick, concise overview of the process in the shortest amount of time.


I aim to transition from the lengthy and tedious text to more intuitive workflows, like the picture below.

Next Step

I propose to use our redesigned workflow as the official governance process document.

Next steps will be

  1. Replace governance process docs by Syncvote’s redesign workflow (Syncvote <> Balancer). To be specific, the governance process will be put with a hyperlink to the workflow. When community members click to this thread, it will lead them to Syncvote interface.
  2. Put the text and link in Useful-links channel in Discord


The goal of this proposal is to improve the governance experience of the Balancer’s community members. I fully respected the current governance process and did not make any change to it.

For me personally, I’ve been joining hundred of DAOs since I start develop Syncvote and I find Balancer team is an active and welcoming team, that’s why I would like to do my contribution to improve Balancer community.

I would also be happy to update the workflow if there’s anything mismatched or missing; or transfer the editor right for you anytime.

Thanks for bringing this idea forward. Given our ever changing governance landscape I am not sure how this can help us in any way but rather result in another piece of software someone needs to maintain. Could you elaborate what true value this would bring to the DAO?

Have you checked our different flavors of goverance votes? We have a rather diverse set of possible proposal layouts like gauge adds, kills, SP funding proposals, general proposals, infrastructure votes etc etc. The list goes on.

Also, in terms of security I would not advice to use any third-party system to check governance documents or forum posts except the official ones.

How would you address these concerns?

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==> About this: You dont have to worry because the Balancer admin team is in full control of the workflow they create.

Thank mate for your comment. About this, let me share with you some value Syncvote could help:

  1. Visualize workflow: A lot easier to follow, especially for new member
  2. Automated workflow:
  • Whatever happens in each step of the process will be notify to relevant members, for example when a proposal is posted, the author can choose to notify whoever they want so that the proposal reaches the right people
  • Automated Fund Transfers: you can create automated workflows that initiate fund transfers based on your predefined conditions. Whether it’s vendor payments, employee salaries, or regular bill payments, SyncVote ensures that transactions occur smoothly and on time.

From my personal point of view this will not work. We have high security standards and create our own payloads which are reviewed and passed to our multi-sig safes. A procedure like this for payments etc will unfortunately not work for us.
The other features are also not really beneficial for us tbh. We have gov-bots and do announcements of our votes. Not much more to be done here I think. Of course, this is my personal opinion. Others can also chime in of course.


Thank mate.
I understand your concern about security issue. Do you want to discuss further in discord?

Leaving this here, so stakeholders are aware. Seems to be that this proposal is put forward on many different forums. Here is an example from our Aura frens: [Temperature Check] Enhancing AURA's Operations with Syncvote - Temperature Check - Aura Finance

Generally, I am against these “shotgun-approach” proposals and outlined why we won’t need this tooling.

Hi Xeonus,
Thank for your comment.
Syncvote provides DAO tool so we will offer all DAOs that we think we could bring value to them. However, with each Dao, we will customize workflow for them and make sure it fits their governance process.