Instant & Free USD On-Ramps on Balancer

Blue recently came out of stealth on CoinDesk with its $3.2M seed round. We’ve been building an on/off-ramp solution that we believe would help drive liquidity to Balancer.

Our product allows users to access their fiat bank account on Balancer with just one click. This unlocks a user’s largest source of liquidity, making it available on Balancer through a stablecoin called USDCash. USDCash is an ERC20 token that is connected to a user’s bank account through Plaid and other 3rd party integrations. When a user purchases USDCash on-chain, there is a USD deduction from their fiat bank account. This eliminates the need to on-ramp through CEXs or providers like MoonPay or Transak that can typically carry hefty fees.

If a user wants to swap 500 DAI but does not have any DAI, they could click a simple call-to-action button on the Balancer application that allows them to instantly on-ramp 500 USDCash and atomically swap 500 USDCash for DAI. In the background, we’re capturing $500 USD from the user’s bank account via ACH transfer, minting them 500 USDCash (backed by the $500 USD ACH pull), then swapping USDCash for DAI in a USDCash/DAI pool.

Instant + Free
We’re using new technology on our backend that allows us to offer instant ACH transfers for the end user, making the on-ramp process instant. This differs from on-ramping providers today that rely on pre-funding and typically take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 days to capture USD payment. Additionally, we’re offering 0% fees for all on-ramps because we have an alternative source of revenue in the form of USD reserves that sit at a qualified custodian (a portion of reserves are invested in short-dated US Treasuries, similar to the business models of fiat-collateralized stablecoins). Below we have outlined how Blue compares to competitors.


  • Balancer can drive more liquidity to the protocol by connecting user’s bank accounts to the application
  • Users can on-ramp instantly with no fees
  • First-time on-ramp requires a KYC/AML check & Plaid onboarding flow
  • All on-ramps from fiat require 2FA authentication (irrespective of the amount)
  • Uniswap recently made a similar integration with MoonPay (stats below on how we compare to other on-ramps)
  • Our website is - we have completed security audits with Halborn and Verilog and the implementation would be a JS SDK that has been audited with code available for inspection by anyone

Blue MoonPay Transak
 Fees  0% (cards)
0% (ACH)
 4.5% (cards)
1% (ACH)
3.99% (cards)
0.99% (ACH) 
 Speed  Instant (ACH) ~30 mins (cards)
2-3 days (ACH) 
 ~3 hours (cards)
2-3 days (ACH)
 KYC  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Tokens  Any (via trade routing) <100 tokens   <50 tokens

What we’re asking for
We’re looking to integrate with Balancer as a widget in the top corner of the frontend (similar to Uniswap’s MoonPay integration) through a JS SDK. This will give users convenient, free, and instant access to their fiat bank account liquidity while on Balancer.

The idea sounds interesting but I see several challenges to be addressed (that I am no expert in):

  • regulatory issues when providing a FIAT on-ramp
    *regulatory issues with a new stable coin
  • third-party integrations on the official Balancer front-end is not something we want AFAIK, rather build your own
  • it would be essential to get input from the integrations team and Orbs legal council on this matter and if they even have capacity to support you in building something / be it even a simple widget.
  • what is your business model? If it is free how can you make money?

In general your proposal lacks important technical and general specifications as well as a risk assessment etc. Given the information you provided now I couldn’t vote on this proposal.

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