I can't unlock token


Should this token be whitelisted first?

It is possible to access unlisted pairs through a “deep link” with their addresses (balancer.exchange/#/swap//), but it display unlisted tokens as addresses, and with a warning. wiki

The asset repo can be here

Looks like this token does not allow for infinite approval, which is what the Balancer UI is trying to do for you. I would consider this token to be fundamentally “incompatible” with Balancer because you will run into too many roadblocks trying to use it. Here is the code snippet showing what I’m talking about; it requires that the amount to be approved is less than what is in the wallet. This is non-standard ERC-20 behavior.

function approve(address spender, uint256 amount) public returns (bool) {
    require(balanceOf[msg.sender] >= amount);
    allowed[msg.sender][spender] = amount;
    emit Approval(msg.sender, spender, amount);
    return true;

From: Contract Address 0xDecade1c6Bf2cD9fb89aFad73e4a519C867adcF5 | Etherscan