How to swap or unwrap waWMATIC


I recently participated in the “StMATIC/Boosted Aave V3 WMATIC” pool and I unstaked all my funds. However, I’ve encountered an issue I could use some assistance with.

After the unstake, I found have some waWMATIC tokens. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble swapping these tokens for something else, and I’m also unsure how to “unwrap” them in a different way. It seems that the Aave project doesn’t recognize these tokens.

Has anyone else experienced a similar situation or have any insights on how to proceed? I’d greatly appreciate any guidance or advice on what steps I should take to either swap or unwrap these waWMATIC tokens.

Hey! You will probably find them in the third step of the Recovery-Exit UI ready to unwrap. Check here:

You can also find this information in our announcements on Discord or on Twitter:


Thanks a lot! Of course it was 3rd step.

I’ve been looking for anything for 2 days and I haven’t found this wizard :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes:

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