How to create a Funding Proposal

A service provider (“SP”) is an entity with a budget attached to it, managed by one or more Leaders, that coordinate and pay contributors working to achieve one or more long term goals in the Balancer Ecosystem.

Please note that the template below represents the bare minimum the community expects. Any additional information that could be helpful in assessing the value of the proposal should be included.

Proposal Template

Service Provider Name & Overview:


Pledge to abide by the DAO’s Code of Conduct (or link to your own):

Pledge to abide by the Accountability Guidelines:

Domains of Operation:

Key Objectives & Success Metrics:

Length of Engagement & Budget:

ETH Address to Receive Funds:

Link to SLA (if going through the Foundation):

Additional Information

Domains of Operation

Examples of Domains might be core protocol development, partner integrations, marketing, business development, front end, community, etc. While some overlap is acceptable (multiple SP’s operating in the same Domains) it is generally not an effective use of DAO funds to have multiple marketing teams or multiple teams managing the community for example. Clearly indicating Domains of Operation and the expertise an SP brings to that Domain will reduce inefficient overlap and help to increase coordination in the event of necessary or useful overlap. Having multiple SP’s building front ends might represent a useful overlap, for example.

Key Objectives

Key Objectives should be high level goals the SP plans to work towards and accomplish during the funding period. If appropriate, these might be broken down into a list of specific tasks. It is important that the DAO have a clear idea of what the SP is doing while also leaving enough flexibility for innovation and efficiency. Providing success metrics will also ensure the community can easily evaluate performance.


Each SP should provide a brief high level overview of how the funds would be spent. In the event of an SP requiring additional funds before the end of the funding period a supplemental budget request can be made in the same format as a regular funding request. An estimate of the SP’s monthly spend should be included which will be used to calculate the quarterly distribution of funds.

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