Enable PICKLE/ETH 80/20 Gauge [Arbitrum]


I would like to first extend my thanks to the Balancer community for voting in favor of whitelisting the Pickle Protocol to participate in veBAL. Now, we wish to be able to vote/bribe for PICKLE/ETH liquidity through the veBAL gauge system.

Whitelist Pickle Finance for veBAL voting:

  1. PICKLE/ETH, pool gauge


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Protocol Description

Pickle Finance is a yield aggregator that makes it easy for you to earn great compounding yeilds on your deposits.

While there are a few yield aggregators out in the market to choose from, Pickle Finance is uniquely positioned within the Yearn ecosystem to scout the most promising protocols, build partnerships, and bring those opportunities to our users. The development team continues to push the envelope, crafting some unique and exciting strategies to complement the proven and battle-tested options already in the marketplace.

Pickle Finance’s brings users several benefits. First, users don’t have to compound your returns manually. In times of high gas costs, this can be either cost or time prohibitive, so you won’t have to wake up at weird hours of the night to get acceptable gas fees. In periods of low gas costs, however, yields throughout the DeFi ecosystem also tend to fall, leaving Pickle Finance as a viable and gas efficient alternative no matter what phase the market is currently in. Pickle Finance also offers a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ convenience. Users can rest easy knowing their deposits are constantly earning rewards.


Strengthen Pickle and Balancer communities by providing rewards in PICKLE tokens for veBAL voters, while simultenously increasing BAL reweards to PICKLE/ETH liquidity providers. We are continuing to support the Arbitrum PICKLE emissions from where we left off early when transitioning to veBAL.


Governance: Pickle Finance is governed by DILL token holders through snapshot votes and forum proposals.

Oracles: Chainlink price oracles

Audits: Smart Contract audits

Market History: Pickle officialy began its first week of emissions on Friday, 11 September 2020.

The original tokenomics plan called for a 10% reduction in emissions each week in perpetuity until emissions reached the terminal figure of 329 PICKLE per week. However, on March 15th, 2021, a snapshot vote was held for PIP-32, freezing emissions at 0.1 per block (or around 4200 per week) to maintain some room for growth for the protocol.

After the release of DILL and plans to expand Pickle onto the Polygon network, a new snapshot vote was held on May 13th to expand emissions to 0.3 pickles per block, or around 12,600 per week, in order to support these expansion plans and compete for deposits in new markets. The new emissions schedule will last until the end of 2021.

On Nov 8th 2021 there was a vote (PIP-47) for PICKLE token emission to be reduced to 0.05 PICKLE per block.


Hey friends, thanks for the proposal.

You need to create a gauge for your pool on Arbitrum here. This will generate a gauge and a streamer.

You then need to create a gauge for your streamer on Ethereum here. Be sure to use the Arbitrum address of your streamer, not your gauge and not your pool.

Then post the addresses of your gauge & streamer on Arbitrum and your gauge on Ethereum for verification. If you need help please reach out to me in discord. Cheers