Proposal-Draft - Whitelist COW pool gages for veBAL voting


Whitelist for veBAL voting:


Protocol Description

CoW Protocol lets people swap assets MEV protected at the best exchange rate by leveraging its batch settlement layer built on top of DeFi’s favorite AMMs and DEX Aggregators. Instead of directly executing trades on-chain, users only sign their swap intention and delegate the execution to so-called solvers (aka relayers in other protocols). Solvers bid on the best possible exchange rate in order to win the right to settle trades. By batching multiple trades together in order to create CoWs (Coincidence of Wants), solvers can save on gas costs, AMM fees and execution risk. Therefore CoWs lead to structurally better prices than on any existing DEX aggregator. In the absence of CoWs solvers fall back to using the best possible on-chain route, by comparing quotes from leading aggregators.


Strengthen the COW and BAL communities ties by giving a reward in COW tokens for veBAL voters, while increasing BAL rewards to COW liquidity providers. More in CowDAO proposal here


  1. Governance: CowDAO is governed by COW and vCOW token holders through snapshot votes and forum proposals.

  2. Oracles: No use of oracles in CoW Protocol

  3. Audits: Settlement contract audits. COW token audits.

  4. Centralization vectors: Orderbook and solver competition are still hosted on a server although decentralizing this part of the stack is on the roadmap. The potential risk is mainly censorship of orders. No user funds are at custody. Limit prices are enforced by an immutable smart contract.

  5. Market History: COW was made transferable on March 28th and was launched with incentives to provide liquidity on Balancer pools. CowDAO is considering using the veBAL voting system to boost BAL rewards for COW pools.


strongly support! need some fatty BAL emissions for my COW farms


COW sounds good to me


Moooo-excellent proposal :handshake:


Great proposal. Strongly support.

In favour of this proposal too.


Proposals have been posted on Snapshot. Please note that each gauge request has its own proposal as per governance:

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