Ecosystem Moving to Quarterly Community Updates

The leaders of the various service providers in the Balancer ecosystem have collectively come to the decision to move from a schedule of monthly community updates to quarterly community updates.

During the last six months under the operating framework approved as BIP-1 there has been a notable lack of community engagement, both in the written forum updates and in the monthly community town halls held in discord. Requiring all teams in the ecosystem to spend time every month preparing extensive updates plus attending a community call does not appear to be a good use of time.

It is possible that by reducing the frequency of these updates and events it might increase the impact/engagement when updates are shared with the community. It would also allow time for each service provider to prepare a visual update (slide show) that can be shared in the community town hall - one piece of feedback has been the updates are too difficult to follow with audio only.

If the community is firmly against this and prefers to continue with the monthly updates now is the time to voice those opinions. In the absence of any notable feedback to the contrary, consider us now on a quarterly schedule and the next update from service providers will be at the end of March/early April 2023.


I don’t mind to have a quarterly summery if relevant topics will be published (only as a short post here) as soon as they come up.
Imho we can do this for a certain period of time (e.g 6 month) and after that decide if it worked well.

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I am not in favour of this idea. I am assuming that this has nothing to do with the planned reduction in expenditure either.
Monthly updates, with everything that is going on including new pools, new strategic direction on pools etc, is very reasonable. Quarterly is not. Where can we even find old community calls and discussions that have been recorded? Are they on YouTube for example?
Plus having listened to many AMA like these before, people do not want to listen to 90 minutes of unstructured waffle. They want 5-10 minutes of updates, then a few questions. If it was done like that, as a presentation, was recorded, probably with slides, then I think the utility of these would increase as would the engagement.

I would think a restructure would be better than cancelling these.

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and to reply to myself here. Balancer has some really smart people, doing some big things. Telling the community about it in a structured way is important.

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have you attended any community calls ser?

I ask for questions every 5 minutes and we get zero

recordings can be found here, as always. Stream Balancer Protocol music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

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It appears my response was not well received by you and I am sorry for that. I do not attend the AMA as they are 4am my time although my response was not meant to be focused on my personal ability to attend.
Having listened to the latest update this morning I still think there is a lot of good info in there and that if it were presented in a more structured way with visualisations of key metrics like inflows, comparative marketing and outreach etc, then the engagement from the community would be better.

With that said, the community is only half of the goal of these AMA, ideally partner protocols are also listening here and professional and frequent AMAs are a great marketing tool.


From experience, I can agree with the amendments being made here.

If there are any major updates within the next 3 months, a short post would be appreciated, but I think the quarterly updates would make more impact; along as they are submitted before budget requests, it is should work.

I think that is quite reasonable given the circumstances. Unless there is data/info for the report to be published, quarterly seems more than fine.

I am assuming we will still have normal updates in discord for anything ‘‘smaller’’ though, correct? In favor of this, as it makes sense for now. Maybe we can revisit in the future.

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I am sympathetic to reducing the frequency of town halls but not reports as a whole.

I believe the monthly written reports should continue. Especially given the current circumstances with cost/budget, it’s important to maintain transparency with the community.

I will chime in, since I’ve been very vocal and opposed to the lack of communication from SPs to the community recently.

It’s been brought to my attention that different teams across the board are already feeling overwhelmed with calls syncs and meetings. Also, that the monthly “Community Halls” in the past few epochs have been reduced to the participation of ecosystem contributors only (mostly Ballers and SP employees).

I guess anyone could argue that attendance has been reduced because the format is not suitable for non-ecosystem contributors (aka people not in several meetings and chats). However, aside from OpCo, monthly updates are posted regularly on this forum, providing a great opportunity for the community to stay in the loop (async, which is even better).

That being said, we see teams have been finding better ways to communicate among themselves, but still need to adjust communication with the community to avoid unexpected governance outcomes.

So, as long as we keep the monthly updates here and have a quarterly presentation suitable for a broader community, I believe it to be a healthy move.