CRE8R Gauge on Arb


Whitelist for veBAL voting:

[CRE8R:WETH pool gauge] Balancer



Protocol Description

The worlds first & only decentralized Web3 content marketing agency DAO. Massively scalable. Fueled by DeFi.

We at CRE8R are a DAO of content creators that produce educational marketing content for our clients

We have had some success with our pools on Beethoven-x
[CRE8R In F-Major]
(limited to 2 URL Links by posting restrictions)

We would like to expand our liquidity to L2s and plan to build one on OP if and when that goes live too.


Governance: CRE8R DAO is governed by F100 (the founding 100 NFT holders) through snapshot votes and forum proposals.

Oracles: No use of oracles within the CRE8R DAO.

Audits: Nothing to Audit at this time

Centralization vectors: Specific treasury functions are controlled through a multisig such as treasury yield farming, paying bribes, and content creator salaries.

Market History: CRE8R doesn’t run a DeFi protocol with smart contracts, so there is not much need for this history. AFAIK. However we can say that we took on our first client on 7/7/2021 and have taking in over $950K in payments for services.


cool to see you all coming over here from BeethovenX :slight_smile:


i concur, welcome sers


Thanks gents. Appreciate the welcome.

Wonderful to have you here.

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Love it! Have some frens in CRE8R DAO and was participating in the CRE8R/FTM pools on Beethoven, happy to have you here as well :wink:

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Can we get this pushed to snapshot vote @solarcurve

Have you created the gauge on Arbitrum?

Then have you created the gauge on mainnet (note: must use the L2 streamer address here, not the L2 gauge address)?

If so please post those addresses so I can confirm all is done correctly. Then we can start the snapshot vote :slight_smile:

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Is this ok that it says its for Polygon.


Create Gauge txn:


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I think the fact that it says Polygon is likely a typo

CRE8R:ETH 80/20

Gauge on Arb
created TXN <Arbitrum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Arbiscan
streamer : 0x579c1c9d72a342c5dcf63541a065db2d5d75e55e
Vote link on ETH:

I think this should cover it ser

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cheers, looks good to me.

confirming that 0xACFDA9Fd773C23c01f5d0CAE304CBEbE6b449677 is the gauge that will be added to the voting list if this proposal passes.

pinging the governance council to approve this for snapshot, will update in a bit.

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Im a little bit confused… whats the purpose of this

Is it the contracts that will get the votes on ETH for directing BAL to our Streamer on Arb?

also, like beethoven-x … can we put our own token as rewards in the Streamer?

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Yep, exactly. All voting happens on ETH so the root gauge for your pool on Ethereum is what we whitelist. It collects the BAL for a week if your pool got votes in the last voting period, then at the end of that week the rewards are sent to the L2 streamer and streamed to the gauge over the course of the proceeding week.

L2 rewards are always one week delayed from the voting results for this reason.

You can put your own token as rewards though the process for doing that on L2 has not been shared with me. The plan was for a helper contract to be deployed to help with that but I think that was delayed a bit because of the recent bug disclosure the team has been dealing with.

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thanks for your help

BTW. i DM’ed you on TG. and I delegated my OP votes to you.

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