BUYING Raze token on Balancer exchange

I want to buy Raze toke wich will be relise in 3 days, and price for this token is $0.25, but on Balancer exchange one Raze token can get for $2.3. Why is that much difference in price. Thank you in advance for helping, cheers!

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The $0.25 price seems to be their phase 2, $RAZE Token Launch. To all Razers, | by Raze Network | Apr, 2021 | Medium

Now they’re in phase 3, Raze stated they were starting the LBP at $3.60 Step-By-Step Guide of Raze Network’s Public Sale on Balancer LBP | by Raze Network | Apr, 2021 | Medium and letting the market go through the price discovery. If the market thought it was worth $0.25 still then no one would buy and eventually the price would follow one of their graphs they include.