[BIP-660] Revise LayerZero Fraxtal Wire Up


When wiring up cross chain boosts in the past LayerZero would handle the OmniVotingEscrowChild, but in the case of Fraxtal it was not wired up as intended. This proposal is meant to transparently invoke the Maxi LM multisig on Fraxtal to set the trusted remote address on the child chain to accept messages from the mainnet OmniVotingEscrow contract. Once this is completed, veBAL holders, and wrappers, will be able to sync their balances to Fraxtal to reap the benefits of cross chain BAL incentives boosts.

Technical Specification:

The Balancer Maxi LM multisg on fraxtal:0x9ff471F9f98F42E5151C7855fD1b5aa906b1AF7e will interact with the OmniVotingEscrowChild 0xE241C6e48CA045C7f631600a0f1403b2bFea05ad by writing the function setTrustedRemoteAddress with the following arguments:

_remoteChainId (uint16): 101

_remoteAddress (bytes): 0xE241C6e48CA045C7f631600a0f1403b2bFea05ad

Chain Id is verifiable here for Ethereum.

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