[BIP-651] Authorize Mimic Smart Vaults v3 on Optimism


The Balancer / Beethoven X joint deployment on Optimism is currently Mimic’s smart vault v2 architecture to process fees. We are now ready to migrate to their v3 architecture, similarly to how it has already been done on other Balancer deployments BIP-488, BIP-552. The instructions and addresses of the Mimic v3 deployment on Optimism can be found here.

Permissions of the currently in use smart vault v2 will be revoked once smart vault v3 fee processing is fully operational.


The DAO Multisig on Optimism 0x043f9687842771b3dF8852c1E9801DCAeED3f6bc will interact with the Authorizer 0xA331D84eC860Bf466b4CdCcFb4aC09a1B43F3aE6 and call grantRole with the following arguments:

role: 0x5a57bdde85c7a823e064d8cdc9a9a1b617f739068ec8925eaf6a562aa22513c6

which corresponds to the role for calling withdrawCollectedFees on the ProtocolFeeWithdrawer on Optimism, verifiable here.

account: 0x9e5d6427d2cdadc68870197b099c2df535ec3c97

which is the contract address for the Mimic smart vault on Optimism.