[BIP-64] Revised Gauge Migration to Composable Stable Pools


Please see the motivation of the most recent gauge migration proposal. The first risk noted, related to the undergoing audit, is causing a repeat of the migration. In this case, some minor issues related to pool owners setting swap fees and the getRate() function were discovered and since remediated in the newest ComposableStable factory deployment. Due to the time which has elapsed since the last proposal, there are several additional pools included in the scope of migration.


The following pools will be replaced by the newly deployed ComposableStablePool and StablePool v2 contracts and will automatically be approved for a liquidity gauge; the underlying assets and attributes are identical to the originals. The deprecated pools will no longer be eligible for a liquidity mining gauge as it will be activated on the updated addresses.

Ethereum (1) bb-a-USD

Current Pool Address: 0x7B50775383d3D6f0215A8F290f2C9e2eEBBEceb2
Current Gauge Address: 0x68d019f64A7aa97e2D4e7363AEE42251D08124Fb

New Pool Address: 0xA13a9247ea42D743238089903570127DdA72fE44
New Gauge Address: 0xa6325e799d266632D347e41265a69aF111b05403

Polygon (137) bb-am-USD

New Pool Address: 0x48e6B98ef6329f8f0A30eBB8c7C960330d648085
New Gauge Address: 0x1c514fEc643AdD86aeF0ef14F4add28cC3425306
Mainnet Root Gauge: 0xbbCd2045ac43F79E8494600e72cA8AF455E309Dd
Polygon Streamer: 0xea3150db47FA1BD4F94E2A47900C09D51C39BAE8

Polygon (137) BPSP (USDC/DAI/miMATIC/USDT) – New pool: MAI/bb-am-USD Stable

Current Pool Address: 0x06Df3b2bbB68adc8B0e302443692037ED9f91b42
Current Gauge Address: 0xFBf87D2C22d1d298298ab5b0Ec957583a2731d15

New Pool Address: 0xB54b2125b711cD183EDD3DD09433439D53961652
New Gauge Address: 0x9a105ef22A59484AA2731C357049F6a13D0891F5
Mainnet Root Gauge: 0xa9c6045636EAaA81836A874964Dd3Aa6486b0913
Polygon Streamer: 0x8aeA700fb9D2B62833149929F51ffc47dADfC43d


Current Pool Address: 0xaF5E0B5425dE1F5a630A8cB5AA9D97B8141C908D
Current Gauge Address:0xc3bB46B8196C3F188c6A373a6C4Fde792CA78653

New Pool Address: 0x8159462d255C1D24915CB51ec361F700174cD994
New Gauge Address: 0x2Aa6fB79EfE19A3fcE71c46AE48EFc16372ED6dD
Mainnet Root Gauge: 0xf7C3B4e1EdcB00f0230BFe03D937e26A5e654fD4
Polygon Streamer: 0xF428556c5f2a2890269c8Eb5Ce8fc91d9744A6aA

Polygon (137) B-MaticX-STABLE

Current Pool Address: 0xC17636e36398602dd37Bb5d1B3a9008c7629005f
Current Gauge Address:0xf01541837CF3A64BC957F53678b0AB113e92911b

New Pool Address: 0xb20fC01D21A50d2C734C4a1262B4404d41fA7BF0
New Gauge Address: 0xdFFe97094394680362Ec9706a759eB9366d804C2
Mainnet Root Gauge: 0x2C967D6611C60274db45E0BB34c64fb5F504eDE7
Polygon Streamer: 0x0AF97133f1d922EFD383416be5f34Cb584476D40

Arbitrum (42161) VST-USDC-USDT-DAI-BSP

Current Pool Address: 0x5A5884FC31948D59DF2aEcCCa143dE900d49e1a3
Current Gauge Address: 0xB0de49429fBb80c635432bbAD0B3965b28560177

New Pool Address: 0x7bceaa9c5e7f4836fec3bce2d5346637c9b13970
New Gauge Address: 0x709E5d6258aa97F12f3167844CB858696c16F39A
Mainnet Root Gauge: 0x709E5d6258aa97F12f3167844CB858696c16F39A
Arbitrum Streamer: 0x7101f3Eff5C242A73e15304Cca411A8de1c5E35B

Killing Current Gauges

If approved, the DAO Multisig 0x10A19e7eE7d7F8a52822f6817de8ea18204F2e4f will interact with the AuthorizerAdaptor at 0x8F42aDBbA1B16EaAE3BB5754915E0D06059aDd75 and call performAction using 0xab8f0945 for the data(bytes) argument and the following contract for the target(address) argument. Each contract will be its own transaction, thus there will be a total of 5 transactions.

Ethereum (1) bb-a-USD – 0x68d019f64A7aa97e2D4e7363AEE42251D08124Fb

Polygon (137) BPSP (USDC/DAI/miMATIC/USDT) - 0xFBf87D2C22d1d298298ab5b0Ec957583a2731d15

Polygon (137) B-stMATIC-STABLE (WMATIC/stMATIC) - 0xc3bB46B8196C3F188c6A373a6C4Fde792CA78653

Polygon (137) B-MaticX-STABLE - 0xf01541837CF3A64BC957F53678b0AB113e92911b

Arbitrum (42161) VST-USDC-USDT-DAI-BSP 0xB0de49429fBb80c635432bbAD0B3965b28560177

Activation of New Gauges

All pools, except for the VST stable pool 0x7bceaa9c5e7f4836fec3bce2d5346637c9b13970, in the scope of this proposal will be incentivized as core pools outlined here by BIP-19.

The following pool’s owner are set to the DAO Address: 0xba1ba1ba1ba1ba1ba1ba1ba1ba1ba1ba1ba1ba1b

The transactions to complete this process will be executed by the LM Multisig via the gaugeAdder V2.

Address: 0xc38c5f97B34E175FFd35407fc91a937300E33860

Execution Plan:

  • The current gauges corresponding to the pools listed above will be killed by the DAO multisig 3 voting epochs from the approval of this proposal.

  • The new gauges will go into effect as soon as reasonably possible, allowing adequate time for liquidity to migrate to the new pools.

  • The next round of BIP-19 core pool incentives will apply to the new pool addresses respectively.

  • All transactions will be executed by the LM Multisig to approve the new gauges.

  • All transactions to kill the obsolete gauges will be executed by the DAO Multisig.



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