[BIP-626] Enable Gauges for 4 Heroglyphs Genesis Tokens

PR with Payload


The purpose of this proposal is to enable gauge creation for the following pools:
OogaBooga/USDC on Arbitrum

References/Useful links:

Link to:
Website: https://heroglyphs.com
Documentation: GitBook
Github: Heroglyph · GitHub
X: hero_glyphs
Discord: Heroglyphs
Blog: Heroglyphs

Protocol Description:

Heroglyph Protocol utilizes graffiti from a produced block to execute custom logic developed by anyone in the ecosystem. Our mission is to promote decentralization within the chain and to empower our Heros, the validators.
In the initial stages of the protocol, several memecoins were deployed for the first Heroglyphs game. Memecoins can be mined through the use of the graffiti field, when proposing a block. Tokens are minted on Arbitrum by default, but are OFTs so can move to other LayerZero supported networks. Additional tokens are to be released in further phases, along with other novel ways to leverage the protocol.


As Heroglyphs has a few pools on Balancer, it brings an interesting dynamic to involve gauges to help drive liquidity to these pools, and increase the game dynamics of the tokens. Emissions around each token vary, with some ending sooner than others, so driving outside emissions will help drive attention and volume.


Governance: Currently the liquidity is controlled by the protocol, however there is a Snapshot set up for each of the tokens which can be governed by the NFTs. Each community can eventually help decide how and what should take place around each of them.

Oracles: N/A

Audits: Audit reports from yAudit and Come du Crest can be found here: Heroglyphs Audits

Centralization Vectors: The Heroglyphs multi-sig is currently in control of the liquidity, but intends on turning it over to the community.

Market History: Heroglyphs Genesis Tokens have been trading on Balancer since May 29th at inception of the LP. Some pools are 50/50, with others 33/33/33. See the Contracts section below for the pools.

Value: As more and more validators come online mining Heroglyphs tokens, more people will discover these tokens and in turn these pools. Additionally, tokens like MOLANDAK and OoogaBooga are pre launch tokens that plan to migrate to Monad and Berachain respectively, so this allows users to have an early play on a memecoin related to those ecosystems.


Pool: 0x7c173e2a341faf5c90bf0ff448cd925d3731c604000200000000000000000eb8
Child Gauge: 0x9be6F6F43C9dB7dd0Af838B3ef45293FF100e204
Root Gauge: 0x5fDEcB3bAA4d12Ac1190DF57C3c8347ccb0C4432

Pool: 0x0dce7d1e1fbfc85c31bd04f890027738f00e580b000100000000000000000163
Child Gauge: 0xf13aabFA433F0E5aC662fD9CD05B1C00802470B8
Root Gauge: 0x17a738D17a4ff98abAfde9C60D0d116D0D63021f

Pool: 0xd2b6e489ce64691cb46967df6963a49f92764ba9000200000000000000000545
Child Gauge: 0xFD9D8729a7dBfb8Abd473ce8A0f18326EC713601
Root Gauge: 0xf8aE0F56f7f95f6D3B773799ee85724efD651583

Pool: 0xfed111077e0905ef2b2fbf3060cfa9a34bab4383000200000000000000000544
Child Guage: 0x9DF04cE9e7e3A2A0b4d3a375aE79e47aB9b0A558
Root Gauge: 0xC65086819f5d32185D9FFCeAe2AE9A6CDCe3F346

Technical Specification:

Transaction: The Balancer Maxi LM Multisig eth:0xc38c5f97B34E175FFd35407fc91a937300E33860 will interact with the GaugeAdderv4 at 0x5DbAd78818D4c8958EfF2d5b95b28385A22113Cd and call the addGauge function with the following arguments:

gauge(address): 0x5fDEcB3bAA4d12Ac1190DF57C3c8347ccb0C4432

gaugeType(string): Polygon

gauge(address): 0x17a738D17a4ff98abAfde9C60D0d116D0D63021f

gaugeType(string): Base

gauge(address): 0xf8aE0F56f7f95f6D3B773799ee85724efD651583

gaugeType(string): Arbitrum

gauge(address): 0xC65086819f5d32185D9FFCeAe2AE9A6CDCe3F346

gaugeType(string): Arbitrum